X User Asks AI To Generate “Worse” Bengaluru Traffic Images; Netizens Say, “Ye Toh Reality Hai”

An Internet user asked ChatGPT to curate images of Bengaluru traffic in different situations.

by Shreya Ghosh
X User Asks AI To Generate “Worse” Bengaluru Traffic Images; Netizens Say, “Ye Toh Reality Hai”

Bengaluru is famous for several reasons. Be it the hub of endless IT companies or the soothing weather and fresher air, there are tons of aspects behind the city being so popular among Indians. One of the infamous things about the city that everyone is tired of but still cannot get away from is the unbearable traffic. From locals to tourists, everyone who has experienced the mad vehicular congestion can surely relate to what I am talking about. A Netizen used AI to generate some pictures of the city traffic and most of these look so on point.

AI Curated These Pictures Depicting Bengaluru Traffic In Different Situations

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Halli Billy (@halli_billy) asked ChatGPT to generate different images of congested roads and traffic in the Karnataka capital. The user provided different instances to get results of different depictions of traffic chaos in the city.

For the first image, he asked AI to “generate an image of vehicular traffic in Bengaluru” and the previous tweet is the result. The image represents vehicular traffic and “captures the lively and chaotic atmosphere of a busy street in the city”.

For the next image, he asked AI to “Make it worse”.

This AI-curated image shows more number of vehicles on the street. From buses to autos to cars to two-wheelers, there are different vehicles.

The user wanted some more congestion in the images. That’s why he mentioned, “THIS IS NOTHING. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO THE CITY?? MAKE IT 10X WORSE”.

The result is a more exaggerated depiction of vehicular traffic with “a visually cluttered urban landscape”, replied ChatGPT.

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Well, to make it worse, the X user asked AI to add snippets of metro construction work as well.

The result captures the atmosphere of intense chaos of traffic on the roads of Bengaluru with vehicles coming from different directions and an ongoing metro construction beside all these traffic jams.

For the next picture, the instruction was to add an under-construction flyover on another side of the congested road.

The final image shows both metro construction and under-construction flyovers causing a major issue and crazy vehicular congestion.

The next instruction is just on another level. The user asked AI to add some potholes on the smooth roads.

The picture surely looks a bit funny with all the scary potholes and vehicles in different places.

For the next image, the request was to add more buses, cranes, cars, and trucks.

The AI-curated image depicts the chaotic urban scene in the city with a massive number of vehicles.

The next instruction was to curate a worse traffic congestion but with a blissful weather.

But this did not seem enough. The user asked ChatGPT to add 100X more traffic on the road and simply “Go nuts”.

For the next image, the user had a hilarious suggestion. He asked to make a close-packed otherworldly multi-dimensional cluster of worse traffic.

pakoda is tired (@stressedpakoda) requested an AI image where people gather around to click pictures of pink flowers.

The result is quite apt. Isn’t it?

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What Do Netizens Think?

People are already very frustrated and tired with the city’s endless traffic and congestion in most places and they also agree with these AI images depicting the massive chaos on roads.

Well, what do you have to say?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Halli Billy (@halli_billy), X (formerly Twitter)/ Naveen Kumar Battula (@kaizoku156)

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