Go Island Hopping At The World, Archipelago Near Dubai In The Shape Of The World

by Anupriya Mishra
Go Island Hopping At The World, Archipelago Near Dubai In The Shape Of The World

It’s no secret that Dubai offers a host of possibilities for people willing to spend to ensure they have a fantastic day. While some of these are pretty common, there are a few that are so exclusive that you will definitely want to spend your precious dirham. And one such experience that you wouldn’t want to miss is indulging in the luxuries of a private island. Here’s how you can experience this for AED199.

Island Hopping At The World

The Archipelago, designed to resemble the world map of the coast of Dubai, covers a shoreline of 230 km. While the world has 260 islands that have been grouped together under a group of seven sets that resemble the seven continents, it is truly an astounding sight. And, if you wish to experience the luxuries of a private island, you can take a 15 to 30 minutes boat ride to the islands of Lebanon, Argentina, and the heart of Europe, which is currently open. According to a news report, by Khaleej Times, Lebanon (island) was the first destination in the world that opened to the public, back in 2011. Owned by an Abu Dhabi-based businessman, Raman Ravi, he mentioned in the report that how this is the only isolated spot that offers a stunning view of the city’s skyline.

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Enjoy Day Access To The Island At AED199

The Island operates as a beach club and is perfect for events, weddings, parties, and even day visits. Although it can accommodate 500 people for day access, the island can actually accommodate more than 2,000 people as it is spread across a whopping 40,000 m². Talking about the island, it is home to a restaurant, pristine beaches, swimming pools, and chalets. In fact, people can also opt to partake in water sports like kayaking!

If you also wish to check out this island, you can do so with a day pass for AED199, which includes entry, boat transportation, and Island access. Things included in island access are beaches, a volleyball court, umbrella usage, sunbeds, and more. The hallmark of this island is that it offers complete privacy as compared to the hotels on the mainland.

So, the transportation happens on a boat, which has a capacity of 50 people and there are three such boats that are used for taking the visitors. It departs from Jumeirah 1 Fishing Harbour every hour after 11 AM.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/the_island_beachclub