GoAir Cancels Goa-Mumbai Flight At Last Minute; Passengers Create Ruckus At Goa Airport. Watch!

by Shreya Rathod
GoAir Cancels Goa-Mumbai Flight At Last Minute; Passengers Create Ruckus At Goa Airport. Watch!

Travelling by flight is super convenient but expensive. And not to mention that you have to reach at least two hours before the flight timings. But what if you are delayed or informed about a last-minute cancellation? Well, a similar incident took place at the Goa airport and the GoAir passengers caused a ruckus! Here are the details of the Goa airport incident.

GoAir Passengers Caused Ruckus At Goa Airport!

Go First Airlines was founded as GoAir and is a Mumbai-based airline. The incident took place on Wednesday morning after GoAir Airline cancelled their flight from Goa to Mumbai. And passengers caused a commotion at the airport in Goa. The Goa airport’s flight to Mumbai was due to leave at 2:10 am. However, it appears that the passengers were informed of the cancellation at 2 am. Videos have emerged showing a group of people arguing angrily with airline employees at the airport.

The cancellation reportedly left more than 80 passengers stranded at the airport. Following the commotion between customers and workers, the airline reportedly scheduled a different flight at 6:30 am.

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Not The First Blunder

The event happened just a few days after an IAS official tweeted about the difficulties travellers on a Go First trip to Delhi had. She tweeted details about the incident and wrote: “The airline handled flight operations in an unexpected and pitiful manner. At 22:30 hours, flight G8 345 from Mumbai to Delhi was supposed to take off. With the airline employees claiming that the Captain is not accessible, there has been a more than 1-hour delay and passengers are stranded inside the aircraft.”

Moreover, the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) fined the airline with a penalty of ₹10 lahks in addition to the show cause notice to the manager of Go First Airlines. The notice asked for an explanation from the airlines as to why no enforcement action should be taken against them.

DGCA is a regulatory authority for civil aviation that focuses mostly on safety-related matters. And any incident related to passenger safety, flight standards and transport is directly reported to them.

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Anyways, this is the second incident where such a blunder has been created by the airline.

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