Going To Montenegro? Head To This Unique Bar In Kotor Bay That Serves Wines Aged Underwater

Discover a blend of ancient tradition and modern innovation in every sip.

by Mallika Khurana
Going To Montenegro? Head To This Unique Bar In Kotor Bay That Serves Wines Aged Underwater

Nestled beneath the tranquil waters of Montenegro’s Kotor Bay lies a secret that beckons adventurous souls and wine enthusiasts alike—a floating sanctuary where wine isn’t just aged, but transformed by the depths of the Adriatic Sea. Welcome to Kraken Wines’ underwater wine bar. This exclusive floating bar offers more than just a sip of wine. It also promises a sensory adventure unlike any other.

Discover Montenegro’s Underwater Wine Bar

At the heart of this unique concept lies the art of underwater ageing—a technique harnessing the sea’s natural forces to transform wines into something truly exceptional. Imagine wines, carefully selected like treasures, placed in the depths, 20 metres below the surface. Here, under constant pressure, steady temperatures, and shielded from light and noise, these wines age at a pace far swifter and richer than in traditional cellars.

The idea was born from a fascination with history, inspired by the discovery of perfectly preserved wines in ancient shipwrecks. Intrigued, the minds behind Kraken Wines embarked on their experiment in 2017, submerging their first batches of Montenegrin Vranac and Muscat White in the bay’s depths. After a year of patient anticipation, the results were nothing short of spectacular.

Upon uncorking, a local sommelier confirmed what they had hoped: the wines had evolved into something extraordinary. Enhanced flavours, refined aromas, and a distinct character marked these underwater-aged wines, setting them apart from their cellar-aged counterparts. This accomplishment sparked further research that resulted in the creation of a patented technique. This technique pays homage to Montenegro’s winemaking heritage while incorporating modern elements.

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Explore Kotor Bay’s Floating Wine Sanctuary

Today, Kraken Wines invites visitors to partake in this remarkable journey. Picture yourself aboard their floating wine bar, surrounded by the tranquillity of Kotor Bay, as you savour glasses of Montenegrin Vranac and Muscat White Barrique. Each bottle, adorned with a unique appearance thanks to its time in the sea, promises not just a taste, but a story—an exploration of how nature’s elements can elevate a wine to new heights.

For those seeking a truly memorable experience in Montenegro, Kraken Wines’ underwater wine bar is a must-visit. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply a curious traveller, this immersive adventure promises to leave an indelible mark, showcasing the power of the sea to shape not just cliffs and beaches, but the very essence of fine wine itself. 

So, when you next find yourself in Kotor, dive into a glass and discover why Kraken Wines has captured the imagination of wine enthusiasts worldwide.

Cover Image Courtesy: Kraken – Underwater Aged Wine/Instagram

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