Good News, Fujairah Airport Opens New Runway!

by Deeplata Garde 111

Fujairah Airport got the latest addition. Fujairah Airport marked the acquisition of an entity’s ability to continue for a new runway on Friday in conjunction with the 51st National Day of the United Arab Emirates. After meeting all municipal, national, and international standards necessary for the functioning of the runway, they inaugurated the path.

Increased Number Of Tourists Led To Demand Of This New Runway

Sheikh Hamad Bin Saleh Al Sharqi, the first pilot trailed the flight on the newly opened runway of Fujairah airport.

The additional runway operation is a component of the airport’s growth and development strategy, This will raise the UAE’s profile in the civil aviation industry.

The Objective Of This New Project At Fujairah Airport

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the GCAA in the United Arab Emirates have endorsed the new runway. The new runway is 3,050 metres long and 45 metres wide and is outfitted to rigorous quality.

The airport’s strategic goal to sustain and enhance its operations in accordance with the highest international standards is underlined by the new runway. As additional aircraft can be accommodated as a result, the program’s capacity will expand. It should be noted that the work is still underway and is progressing according to schedule.

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Fujairah Has Open Parking, Cafes, Lounges And More

Unlike other airports, Fujairah airport has open parking which is right next to the terminal. So forget taking long routes to just reach the parking lot. The lounge is cutting-edge and offers a variety of services to those discerning passengers. Enjoy some delectable food and a tantalising beverage as you relax in luxury. There are offices and conference rooms available for that 110th hr meeting. The boarding area’s upstairs section also has a cafe. You can observe airport operations from your seat and learn how your flight will be handled of it before you travel.

So if you are flying from Fujairah airport anytime soon, then make sure you check out this new runway.

Cover Image Courtesy: FB/Fujairah Airport