Good News! Namma Metro Extends Mobile QR Ticket Facility For Family & Groups Travelling Together

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Good News! Namma Metro Extends Mobile QR Ticket Facility For Family & Groups Travelling Together

Talk about India’s Silicon Valley, the tech city of Bengaluru,  and I am sure you cannot end this conversation without mentioning the traffic here! But BMRCL has saved many people from these daily traffic woes with the introduction of Namma Metro. Now, to enhance the travel experience for commuters, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) has implemented a mobile QR group ticketing facility for families and groups travelling together. 

Namma Metro Extends Mobile QR Ticket Facility

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This introduction of group ticketing will help families and groups travelling on Namma Metro and cut down on wait times at ticket kiosks in metro stations. This facility is now open for business as of today, November 16. 

The mobile QR tickets could only carry one person at a time in the past. Beginning on Thursday, the BMRCL will be offering mobile QR tickets to make it easier for families and groups to ride together, with a maximum of six people. 

The traveller who purchased the group ticket will receive a QR code, which they can scan at the metro gate to find out how many tickets they purchased.

One QR ticket that is encrypted with the number of passengers will be given to the passenger using this service. Each member of the group simply has to scan this QR ticket once in order to enter and exit.

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Discounted Token Fare

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With BMRCL’s mobile QR tickets, the token fare is discounted by 5%. Passengers are urged by the BMRCL to use mobile QR tickets in advance, whenever it is most convenient for them at home or at work. This is an attempt to prevent lengthy lines at the ticket desks when buying tokens. 

The BMRCL introduced subsidized tickets for large and medium-sized groups of travellers earlier this year. a 20 per cent discount over the token cost for large groups (more than 1000 people in the group). 

A fifteen per cent reduction on the token ticket is offered to the medium group (consisting of 100 to 1000 passengers). In all situations, commuters must enter a station entirely and exit a shared destination station entirely. 

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You Can Use Various Applications 

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Passengers are advised to purchase mobile QR tickets in advance, conveniently from their home or office, and to avoid standing in line at ticket kiosks to collect tokens. 

In addition to launching Namma Metro’s WhatsApp chatbot-based QR ticketing service, BMRCL debuted the online ticketing system in Bengaluru in November of last year.  BMRCL also asserted that it is the only transit provider in the world to provide end-to-end QR ticketing through WhatsApp.

You can use a number of smartphone applications, including Yatra, Paytm, WhatsApp, and Namma Metro, to access this ticket. 

The Purple Line and Green Line are the two active lines in the Bangalore Metro at the moment. There are 37 stations on the 43.49-kilometer Purple Line and 29 on the 30.32-kilometer Green Line.

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