Good News! You Can Now Make More Pit-Stops On The Mumbai-Goa Highway As It Gets Facility Centres

by Tooba Shaikh
Good News! You Can Now Make More Pit-Stops On The Mumbai-Goa Highway As It Gets Facility Centres

If you’re heading to Goa anytime soon on a road trip, we have news for you. Your road trip has just gotten more convenient! The Mumbai-Goa Highway is now dotted with multiple convenience and facility centres which will provide a brief respite from the long journey. They are conveniently located so that travellers can easily access them as well as resume their journey afterwards. Here are all the details you need to know.

Mumbai-Goa Highway Gets Facility Centres For Travellers

Ravindra Chavan, the BJP minister, recently shared updates regarding the Mumbai-Goa highway on X (formerly, Twitter), stating that this highway will have convenience centres for travellers. Many people travel to the Konkan coast during Ganeshotsav, which is just around the corner.

Hence, in order to provide a break from the long journey to them as well as to other travellers, convenience facilities have been established. These convenience centres will offer amenities like clean and hygienic toilets, snacks, refreshments, first-aid and more.

Chavan also inaugurated these centres which were built by the Maharashtra Public Works Department. One of the centres which was inaugurated recently was built in Kharpada, a small town located along the highway.

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Will Offer Brief Respite From The Long Journey

Weary travellers can rest, stretch their legs, and fill their tummies at these convenience centres and be on their merry way. This will make travelling significantly easier for many who head to Goa by road. It will also create employment opportunities for many.

The Mumbai-Goa highway is part of the National Highway 66 which connects the Indian states of Maharashtra and Kerala to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It starts from the Maharashtrian city of Panvel and ends in the Tamilian city of Cape Comorin of the Kanniyakumari district.

It is 1,640 kilometres long and consists of four lanes for most of its length. The highway was featured in Bollywood movies like Bombay to Goa and Dil Chahta Hai.

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Cover Image Credits: @RaviDadaChavan/X (Formerly, Twitter)