Google Thought Bengaluru Man Stuck In Traffic For Hours Went Shopping; Asks “How Was Soch?”

by Sanjana Shenoy
Google Thought Bengaluru Man Stuck In Traffic For Hours Went Shopping; Asks “How Was Soch?”

Bengaluru which was once synonymous with good weather. Is today also synonymous with traffic woes. Trust Bengalureans to cancel plans, and sit home during the weekend just to take a break from spending long hours stuck in traffic. One of the world’s most congested cities, it’s often the butt of jokes and memes for its sticky traffic situation. This time, even Google made a blunder and it’s laughable.

Google Thinks Bengaluru Man Stuck In Traffic Went Shopping

X (formerly Twitter) user, @DeeptanshuS shared a screenshot of a Google notification he received on his phone. The Google message asked him “How was Soch?”, referring to the popular Indian ethnic wear chain. It appears that the search engine thought the man went shopping and asked him to review his experience.

Well, actually, the man was stuck in traffic near Soch for so long that Google assumed he went shopping. @DeeptanshuS mentioned in his caption that this was a Peak Bengaluru traffic experience. Where he got stuck in traffic near the shop for so long that Google thought the Bengaluru man went shopping. This is such a hilarious situation that every Bengalurean stuck in traffic for hours can instantly relate to this.

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AI-Powered Signals The Solution For Traffic In City?

Meanwhile, Bengalureans’ traffic woes may be short-lived. This is because the city is planning to install 165 AI-powered traffic signalling systems by 2025. Currently, the signals in Bengaluru are operated manually or are fixed-time signals. The new signals will communicate with each other and clear high-density routes. This will help vehicles move in an efficient manner. So, commuters can save a considerable amount of time in the near future on their travel.

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Picture Credits: Canva

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Infra Support Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd is a firm appointed to install these signals with the new technology in Bengaluru by 2025. Apparently, people could save at least 10 seconds at 10 signals, for instance. This will certainly come as a sigh of relief as Bengaluru loses a whopping ₹19,725 crore per year due to traffic. After all, time is money. So spending time in traffic will cost money as well.

Meanwhile, have you ever faced such a hilarious situation where Google misread your traffic situation?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva and @DeeptanshuS/ X