Got Lakshadweep On Your Mind? From Lobster Masala To Kavaratti Biryani, 7 Dishes Not To Miss Out Here

Lakshadweep has all the great things to offer and you might be missing out on these delish food items.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Got Lakshadweep On Your Mind? From Lobster Masala To Kavaratti Biryani, 7 Dishes Not To Miss Out Here

Since the moment Modiji raved about exploring more of the breathtaking sceneries of Lakshadweep over the Maldives, Indians have gone crazy over this. From countless memes to tweets promoting Lakshadweep to EaseMyTrip cancelling flight tickets to Maldives, we are sure the internet has been a fun place to be for all Indians. Now if you are planning to walk down the pristine beaches and immerse in that vibrant aqua colour of the Arabian Sea, then do not miss out on these delicious food dishes from Lakshadweep.

 7 Dishes Not To Miss Out When In Lakshadweep

1. Lobster Masala


There is no doubt that the seafood in Lakshawadeep is going to be extraordinarily delicious. This Lobster Masala is a whole meal when paired with steamed rice. A love-affair! The lobsters are prepared in a tomato-onion-based curry with simple spices like turmeric, chilli powder and salt. Sometimes, people make it with coconuts along with kokum as well. see how many lobsters you can finish.

2. Kavaratti Biryani

Having biryani never goes out of style, does it? Kavaratti Biryani is a flavourbomb and a speciality of Lakshadweep. Not to forget, it is one of the authentic dishes of the island. You get the best of meat and fish combined in a fragrant biryani with sprinkles of saffron in a sealed pot! That’s a first, lets us know how it was. 

3. Squid Fry

Doesn’t it feel nice to munch on some fresh seafood snacks after you have been spending too much time in the waters of Lakshadweep? Here is another such snack, squid fry! These are perfectly coated in a thick batter and crisped to a perfect crunch. Fact: squids are high in potassium and eating a bunch of these is good for you. Well, you have to overlook the frying. You should not miss out on this!

4. Kinnathappam

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Where are all the sweet tooth lovers? This is a delicacy of Kerala and is a traditional dessert made by Muslims during Ramzan. Kinnathappam is a steamed rice cake made with coconut milk, rice flour, jaggery, and spices like cumin. It is a widely sweet cake consumed in Kerala, so it has spread to Lakshadweep as well. 

5. Mus Kavaab/Tuna Curry

Popularly known as tuna curry, this particular dish is also praised for its delicious taste and how amazing it feels to relish this with the view of Lakshadweep! It is prepared with a whole lot of spices, a classic way for a Minicoy meal; Minicoy is an island in Lakshadweep. Essentially the tuna is marinated in a juicy and flavoursome coconut with spices like chilli powder, cloves, coriander powder, turmeric, and more. Then it is cooked in a simple tomato-onion-based curry. Well, what can we say, just pair this masala baby with steamed rice and enjoy!

6. Kallummakaya Curry

Another appetising dish for seafood lovers! If you are a fan of mussels, then this dish is right up your alley. If you would also like to immerse in authentic South Indian dishes with a concoction of coconut milk, curry leaves and herbs then also Kallummakaya Curry is your go-to answer. This curry is said to perfectly balance the spice and the tanginess, if you can’t handle spice we suggest you just do a taste test beforehand. People pair it with an appam.

7. Kadalakka

Lakshadweep just keeps us mesmerising with its horizons and tasty food. Another such is Kadalakka, a classic sweet which is considered as a local delicacy. This is not your simple cake, but a cake with a twist! This cake is prepared with chana dal, also called kadalakka pola or kadala pathil, along with eggs. It is cooked slowly which gives it a moist texture and is loaded with cashews and almonds.

Picture this: You have just got your hands on some crispy and hot right off-flame squid and octopus fry. You have white sand below your feet and the vast bluest ocean in front of you. Yes, that’s Lakshadweep!

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Happy Lakshadweep-ing!

Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons and Canva

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