Government Issues Travel Advisory For Indians Travelling To Turkey

by Pratiksha Acharya
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If you have been planning on making a trip to Turkey, you might just want to put that on hold for a bit. And it is for your safety alone. In light of growing tensions in Turkey, the Indian Embassy in Ankara has issued a travel advisory for Indians travelling to the Middle Eastern country. Turkey is currently embroiled in a fragile situation with the United States after President Donald Trump decided to pull out 1000 US troops from the region.


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What’s Happening In Turkey?

Turkey and Syria have been locking horns for a while now. But Turkey has been under a lot of pressure to stop its offensive stance towards the Kurdish forces in the war-torn country of Syria. This has come as a shocker and betrayal for the Kurdish allies who have had the support of the US troops for the longest time. Besides the backtrack from the US, India is also miffed by Turkey’s statements at the UN General Assembly and at the Financial Action Task Force Meet (FATF) in Paris. Turkey’s President, Erdogan came out in support of Pakistan which ruffled India’s feathers. At the UN General Assembly, Turkey spoke in favour of Pakistan when the topic of revoking Article 370 in Kashmir came up. And for obvious reasons that didn’t go down well with India. Due to this Pakistan managed to evade the blacklist for providing support to terror organizations and terror activities on their soil.

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Turkey’s ambassador to India, Sakir Ozkan Torunlar reacted to the advisory saying that Turkey is one of the safest travel destinations and that Indian travellers needn’t worry about facing any issues while travelling there. However, the Indian government is of the strong belief that their citizens be careful while visiting the middle-eastern country. With tensions rife, it only makes sense to keep safety ahead of adventure.