Grans Go Free: EasyJet Launches Unique Deal In UK That Offers Free Holiday Places For Grandparents

To encourage multi-generational travel, EasyJet Holidays has launched ‘Grans Go Free’ to some of the most family-favourite destinations in Europe.

by Tashika Tyagi
Grans Go Free: EasyJet Launches Unique Deal In UK That Offers Free Holiday Places For Grandparents

When was the last time you went on a holiday with your grandparents? Hard to remember, right? Sadly, as we grow more and more into a nuclear family, we tend to see our grandparents on rare occasions. So, planning holidays seems like a far-fetched idea! Well, that’s about to change! EasyJet Holiday has come up with a unique deal that allows grandparents to travel on the house. For now, these destinations include some family-favourite places in Europe. Keep scrolling on to know more!

‘Grans Go Free’ – Easyjet’s Unique Take On The Traditional ‘Kids Go Free’

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Giving a unique twist on the traditional ‘Kids Go Free’, EasyJet Holidays has launched a cool initiative called Grans Go Free. According to this deal, EasyJet has launched free holiday places for grannies and grandads in various European destinations. The main aim of this deal is to encourage multi-generational travel. They want to encourage Britishers to take a ‘3G’ holiday. This means planning a getaway with three generations or more. As per the offer, one grandparent on the trip will travel free of charge on family bookings to some popular destinations. These European destinations include Spain, Greece, and Italy.

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What Made EasyJet Take Up This Initiative?

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So, what led EasyJet to plan Grans Go Free? In a poll conducted on 2000 British adults, about 56% regret not spending more time with grandparents. Furthermore, about 54% say they hope to bring their grandparents along on upcoming holidays. The survey further revealed that 77% of people agree to have a special bond with their grandparents. Seeing this trend, EasyJet planned this unique deal to encourage multi-generational travel and give families time to bond.

Britishers can book packages for the 2024-25 holiday season on EasyJet’s website and get up to £400 off in the ongoing Big Orange Sale.

Have you ever thought about taking a holiday with your grandparents? If yes, what destinations would you like to cover?

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