Greece Deemed “Value for Money” According To Rating System; Sees Rise In Tourists

by Shreya Ghosh
Greece Deemed “Value for Money” According To Rating System; Sees Rise In Tourists

Every time we watch any travel videos or movies shot in Greece, we wonder about exploring this majestic destination. Surrounded by indescribable alluring beauty, this European country is just magnificent. So many globetrotters travel here every year to experience the stunning aura and charm of this nation. Well, not just the scenic surroundings, Greece is also very much appreciated and loved for so many aspects as well such as fun activities to do, great culture, tourist satisfaction, sustainability, and a lot more.

Greece And Athens Have A High Rating For Travel Experiences

Greece and Athens just recorded an amazing rating in the inclusive visitor experience in terms of the visitors’ satisfaction. While comparing these destinations with the opponent countries and cities with regard to reputation, Greece and its capital ranked quite high. INSETE joined hands with TCI Research recently to release the Athens/Greece Sentiment Tracker. This research result emphasises the experience and satisfaction of tourists travelling there.

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These Destinations Have Witnessed Great Tourist Records In 2023 Q1!

In the first quarter of the year, Greece received great ratings regarding the total experience of the visitors, according to the Athens/Greece Sentiment Tracker by INSETE. Interestingly, this country has shattered all the records. This country gave remarkable competition and also has higher than the average travel experience in Europe such as beach activities, hospitality, traveller satisfaction, sustainability, top beach destinations to travel, sustainable travel, rich culture, heritage, and value for money.

The INSETE research with TCI Research also states that Greece is standing with an overall rating of 9.17, according to a report by Greek Travel Pages (gtp). Athens has an overall rating of 9.13 in the first quarter of the year. Athens received such an amazing rating for the experiences that the city has to offer such as great stay options, seas to visit, hospitality, and splendid restaurants to explore.

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American visitors gave the highest visitor rating in these places. Tourists from Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom also gave good ratings.

Have you travelled to Greece yet? Is this destination on your global bucket list too just like us?

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