These Are World’s 100 Best Cities; Dubai Ranks 5th & Mumbai’s On It Too. Deets Inside!

by Tanima
These Are World’s 100 Best Cities; Dubai Ranks 5th & Mumbai’s On It Too. Deets Inside!

We all look forward to city rankings every year and eye our own abode on the list. Here are some interesting findings for the year 2023. UAE’s Emirate, Dubai ranks 5 among the top 100 cities to live, work, invest, and visit. Five other cities from the Middle East have also made it to the list — Doha (27), Abu Dhabi (28), Riyadh (83), Tel Aviv (59), and Jerusalem (84).

On the other hand, India’s Mumbai is the only Indian city in to make it to the Top 100 list. The ranking was conducted by Resonance Consultancy, leading advisors in tourism, real estate, and economic development.

Dubai Ranks As 5th Best City In The World

Dubai 5 among top 100 cities
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dubai has been deemed the ‘city of superlatives’ by Resonance Consultancy and ranks 5th overall. It ranks #27 for Educational Attainment worldwide while enjoying top-10 Income Equality. The most visited mall in the world – Dubai Mall – helps it climb to #28 in Shopping.

Likewise, whether it’s the Museum of Future or Burj Khalifa, or any other sector, Dubai shines throughout the report.

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Mumbai Ranks 74th On The World’s 100 Best Cities

Mumbai ranks 72 among top 100 cities
Source: Wikimedia Commons

As per Resonance Consultancy, Mumbai is full of ‘juxtapositions’. On one hand, it is the icon of commercialism and Bollywood but then it also houses the biggest slums. It also has a lot of billionaires.

It ranks 74 as per global equity, 24th for the most Global 500 companies, and is among the top 10 globally for its restaurants. Likewise, the Taj Mahal Palace, CST Station, and Gateway of India contributes to its #36 ranking for Sights & Landmarks, the report mentions.

They also draw the city’s future via the Powai district. Surprisingly, The Chedi Mumbai – a GHM Hotel also features in the study with its 312 guest rooms and fascinating views of Powai Lake and the city’s skyline.

They also predict that Navi Mumbai International Airport will increase #75 Airport Connectivity ranking, and boost tourism. India’s first bullet train is also set to do the same regionally.

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These Are The World’s 100 Best Cities Ranks As Per Global Place Equity

World ranks of cities
Source: Pexels

This year, Resonance Consultancy disqualified Moscow and St. Petersburg in view of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

At the same time, Kyiv, Ukraine has been highlighted for its resilience against Russia.

Here are the top 100 cities of the world as global place equity.

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. New York
  4. Tokyo
  5. Dubai
  6. Barcelona
  7. Rome
  8. Madrid
  9. Singapore
  10. Amsterdam
  11. Prague
  12. Los Angeles
  13. Chicago
  14. San Fracisco
  15. Berlin
  16. Hon Kong
  17. Washington
  18. Beijing
  19. Dublin
  20. Istanbul
  21. Las Vegas
  22. Milan
  23. Budapest
  24. Toronto
  25. Sydney
  26. Seoul
  27. Doha
  28. Abu Dhabi
  29. Osaka
  30. Bangkok
  31. Vienna
  32. San Diego
  33. Sao Paolo
  34. Melbourne
  35. Zurich
  36. Boston
  37. Lisbon
  38. Warsaw
  39. Seattle
  40. Orlando
  41. Munich
  42. Houston
  43. Austin
  44. Buenos Aires
  45. Naples
  46. Copenhagen
  47. Dallas
  48. Helsinki
  49. Frankfurt
  50. Atlanta
  51. Stockholm
  52. Miami
  53. Athens
  54. Rio De Janeiro
  55. Hamburg
  56. Denver
  57. Montreal
  58. Brussels
  59. Tel Aviv
  60. Oslo
  61. Taipei
  62. Valencia
  63. Minneapolis
  64. Philadelphia
  65. Calgary
  66. Portland
  67. Nashville
  68. Auckland
  69. Vancouver
  70. Santiago
  71. Mexico City
  72. Mumbai
  73. Shanghai
  74. San Jose
  75. Lyon
  76. Bilbao
  77. Liverpool
  78. New Orleans
  79. Brisbane
  80. Manchester
  81. Fukuoka
  82. Seville
  83. Riyadh
  84. Jerusalem
  85. Nanjing
  86. Minsk
  87. Salt Lake City
  88. Phoenix
  89. Jakarta
  90. Gothenburg
  91. Perth
  92. Glasgow
  93. Nagoya
  94. Baltimore
  95. Stuttgart
  96. Ottawa
  97. Hanoi
  98. Sendai
  99. Cologne
  100. Marseille

Where do you plan to live, work, or invest?

How Are The City Ranks Established

The Consultancy ranks cities across the world based on six categories:

  • Place
  • Product
  • Programming
  • People
  • Prosperity
  • Promotions

Metropolitan areas with more than one million populations are ranked by using a combination of statistical performance and qualitative evaluations.  Locals and visitors in 24 areas are grouped into the above six core categories.

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