You Can Now Blend Your Own Wine In Bahamas’ First Winery

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
You Can Now Blend Your Own Wine In Bahamas’ First Winery

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Bahama welcomes its very first winery, Bahama Barrels, located in downtown Nassau where guests can blend their own wine.

What Is It?

The winery is attached to the Graycliff Hotel and located in West Street Hill which boasts a lot of historic buildings that have gone through revitalization and Bahama Barrels itself is a former convent and church built in 1937, the oldest in the Bahamas.

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The hot climate of the Bahamas isn’t suited for any grape production, hence, the wine blended bottles here come from grapes of several countries making for a unique Bahamian experience. At Bahama Barrels, guests can enjoy a unique experience of wine tasting from across the globe and learn about the entire grape-growing and wine-making process.

What’s In It?

Learn to blend your own wine, visit the oldest church in the Bahamas, get to know the entire grape-growing and winemaking process in a unique Bahamian style. The process is guided by a California winemaker who comes with 20 years of experience and will teach you a great deal about wine tannins, acidity, balance, and finish. This process is then followed by guests blending their very own bottle of wine to make it a memorable experience.

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To book your wine bending class click here.

Address: Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant, Bahama Barrels, West Hill Street, P. O. Box N10246, Nassau, NP, Bahamas
Phone: 1-855-GRAYCLIFF (472-9254), 242-302-9150

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