Guests Lose Money After Business Account Of Kerala 5-Star Hotel Gets Hacked

by Shreya Ghosh
Guests Lose Money After Business Account Of Kerala 5-Star Hotel Gets Hacked

With years passing and the world getting modernised, the fear and risks of cyber crimes are increasing every other day. Our most important necessities these days are mobiles, laptops, and the internet, and using these things, anyone from any corner of the world can invade our privacy and be the reason for a huge loss. A very recent incident happened in a 5-star hotel in Kerala, where the guests lose money after someone hacked the hotel’s business account.

Guests Lose Money Due To CyberCrime At A 5-Star Hotel In Kerala

A hacker hacked the Google business account of Kochi’s Hotel Crowne Plaza somewhere between 2 June and 7 June 2022 and it led to all the losses and disruptions. During the process of this cybercrime, the person changed the contact number of the business account and then linked that account to a fake website. Quite a few customers fell into this trap. As a result of this cyber attack, guests lose money to the hacker.

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Guests Lose Money

The Police Are Working On It

Praveen Nair, the hotel’s front office manager filed a complaint to the Kochi Cyber police station. Under the IPC Section 420, IT Act Sections 66, 66c, 66, and 43, the complaint has been lodged. The police are investigating this in full swing. Any sort of details of the people behind this crime is still unknown. As per the preceding investigation, it seems that the hackers are not from nearby places. They are supposedly from anywhere outside Kerala.

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It is not the first time such an incident took place in Kerala in recent times. The state is witnessing a rise in cybercrime cases over the past couple of years. In 2021 itself, a total of 936 cybercrimes were filed. There are so many more that we are unaware of. From January to March 2022, the registered number was 183. We have to be very secure and careful regarding what is happening beside us.