Gujarat’s Vadodara Airport Will Soon Start International Flight Services

by Shreya Ghosh
Gujarat’s Vadodara Airport Will Soon Start International Flight Services

Tourist footfall is only increasing everywhere with every passing month. Not only just domestic travel, but international trips are also seeing a spike. And now the Vadodara airport of Gujarat is soon going to initiate flight services between international destinations. The airport is all set to start air connectivity to foreign countries very very soon. Read on for all the deets on the new flight services.

Here’s All You Need To Know About The International Flight Services Of Vadodara Airport

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The airport will be getting all the facilities related to immigration and customs from the gazette notification. Home Minister Amit Shah has already provided this gazette notification and the Centre has issued it as well, as shared by Ranjan Bhatt, the Vadodara MP. This Gujarat city is all set to start international flight connectivity services, especially to Dubai and Sharjah.

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Vadodara MP shared that the demand for international travel diaries is witnessing a spike. As of now, flights to Dubai and Sharjah will certainly begin very soon. According to a report by The Times Of India, an extension to the present runway is crucial for starting international flights to places such as the USA. But flights to Dubai and Sharjah will not be needing this extension. Hence, it can be understood that air connectivity to these places will begin soon. The MP also shared how the Vadodara airport is equipped with all the important infrastructure that will help to start the new journeys.

Major Passenger Footfall At Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport!

Another airport in Gujarat, the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is experiencing a major footfall and the numbers are increasing every day. To deal with this situation, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation took the decision to start the summer schedule on 28 March 2023. It is expected that international flights to Bangkok, Jeddah, and Muscat will be started.

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A data report by the Airports Authority Of India states that the tourist footfall has increased from 45.05 lakh passengers to 81.52. This shift was increased between the time period of April 2022 and January 2023.

The dates for beginning the international flight services at the Vadodara airport have not been announced yet!

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