Gurugram Has Got An Ambulance To Care For It’s Trees And Here’s Why Every City Needs Them

by Angel Srivastava
Gurugram Has Got An Ambulance To Care For It’s Trees And Here’s Why Every City Needs Them

The world is on the brink of a climate change emergency. India is already facing a water crisis, our oceans are full of plastic waste, and New York has already declared a climate emergency. In the midst of all these bad news, we found a ray of hope when we came to know that Gurgaon has appointed an ambulance just to take care of its trees.

What Is It?

On Sunday, 30th July a city based NGO and the Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran launched the city’s first ‘tree ambulance’ which will tend to trees and saplings in the city along with organising outreach programs.

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Image Credits: Inhabitat

This ambulance is fully equipped with water tanks that will be used for sprinkling organic detergent on the trees to prevent them from dust collection. It will also have another tank that will contain organic pesticides to fight against termite infestations.

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A full time staff has been appointed for the ambulance which will be funded by CSR. It will operate six days in a week, out of which five days will involve field work while the sixth day will be dedicated to visiting residents welfare society and associations.

Image Credits: Climate Action

What’s More?

In addition, the team will also conduct routine hedge trimming and supply fertilizers to growing saplings. Operations were kicked off on Sunday at Bakhtawar Chowk and will cover all main roads in the city. Residents can contact the ambulance via a helpline number for assistance for their local greenery, and also procure saplings of native herbs and vegetables.

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Image Credits: Fruarna

Nature plays a very important role in our survival. It should be up to us to protect the earth from the upcoming crisis before it’s too late. It’s time to put on that gardening gear and make the city green again.