About 1 Lakh Trees To Be Cut For Mumbai-Nagpur Highway

In the face of abject deforestation, loss of green covers, rising pollution levels and our future being in jeopardy, comes yet more troubling news. This time it’s the Mumbai-Nagpur Highway soon to be under construction which will require about a lakh trees to be cut. In a country, already combatting heavy loss of the natural environment, this news comes as more than just a blow. Here’s everything to know about the devastating project.

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Mumbai-Nagpur Super Communication Highway
The Mumbai-Nagpur Super Communication Highway is going to be spread over 701 km and this route not only requires the felling of a lakh tree but these trees which will be cut are also a part of several eco-sensitive regions.

Credits: Hindustan Times

It will cross Buldhana, Amravati and Washim district, cutting across (pun intended) not one but two wildlife sanctuaries, namely, Karanja Sohal and Katepurna with a large population of the endangered Blackbuck deers. This stretch would be of about 10 kms. Once these trees are cut, this already endangered species will have an even harder time with half their habitat erased overnight.

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What’s More?
The proposal is currently on a stand by as several queries were put forth by the Central Environment Ministry. These included in-depth research of the kind and species of trees that were to be felled, an immediate backup plan of afforestation that would be thrice in number to the immediate loss faced by nature and subsequently, us as well.

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But it is to be noted that no future plan can fight the immediate loss of habitat and grave damage to nature for it would take years and years for these newly planted trees to grow and replace the ones that are to be felled. Do you think there is a solution out there? Or is yet another highway in our country more important than the immense loss of environment and all the creatures who call the trees, the forests, their home?

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Madhusree Chatragadda
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