Gurugram To Get ‘Leopard Park’ On Aravalli Stretch; Till then, Visit These 4 Parks On This Range

by Shreya Ghosh
Gurugram To Get ‘Leopard Park’ On Aravalli Stretch; Till then, Visit These 4 Parks On This Range

Gurugram has recently shared some interesting information about a new project named ‘Leopard Park’ and its significance as well. The city has reported a few scary incidents when leopards could be seen roaming on the roads. To put an end to the wildlife coming out of forests and cause fear and tragedy for humans, the project has been initiated. To know more details about this Gurugram project, read on.

Here’s All About The Plans For The Upcoming Leopard Park

Leopard Park
Picture credit- Canva

The plan is to establish a new park for the big cats on a 15 km jungle stretch. It is going to be built at the Behrampur village, according to a report by The Times of India. This falls under the part of a conservation project for the Aravalis’s 15 km stretch. It is set to be established from the Bandhwari landfill to the Damdama Lake. Different departments such as the forest department, district administration, GMDA, and MCG are coming together to work on this innovative project. GMDA is the funding source behind it, according to a report by LiveMint.

The primary reason behind taking the decision to work on a 15 km stretch of the Aravallis and create a safe space, a leopard park, for the big cats is to control the number of unfortunate scenarios that took place in the last years. There have been some horrible cases between leopards and human beings. Conserving the lives of the big cats and making a safe home for them is a major priority right now.

The inspiration behind the upcoming project of Leopard Park in Gurugram is the famous Jhalana Leopard Safari Park of Jaipur. The development process will be quite similar to Rajasthan’s Jhalana Leopard Safari Park. There are positive expectations from this new project in Gurugram. It looks like it can be the answer to all kinds of problems of leopards coming out of the wilderness and roaming in the concrete city.

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The Times of India report shared how there are plans to work on waterbodies for the big cats. There are chances for safari as well but there is no assured confirmation on this as of now. In a conversation with the TOI, a senior official of GMDA also shared that there are plans to install an interpretation centre and a watch tower as well.

There Are More Such Splendid Parks On The Aravalli Range

Leopard Park
Picture credit- Canva

Surrounded by lush greenery, there are many beautiful leopard parks located in different places on the Aravalli Range. Both the northern and southern parts of the Aravalli range are known for being home to leopard wildlife corridors. The places you surely need to explore if you are a wildlife enthusiast are:

  1. Sariska-Delhi Leopard Wildlife Corridor (Northern Aravalli Leopard Wildlife Corridor)
  2. Jhalana Leopard Park
  3. Jawai Leopards Hills Safari
  4. Amagarh Leopard Reserve

All these parks and wildlife corridors, and biodiversity play an integral part in saving the lives of leopards and other wild animals living in the Aravall range.

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Have you been to any of these wildlife places before?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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