A Legendary Dessert Joint, 75 Years Old Mangle Di Kulfi In Gurugram, Tastes Of A Sweet Legacy

by Mallika Khurana
A Legendary Dessert Joint, 75 Years Old Mangle Di Kulfi In Gurugram, Tastes Of A Sweet Legacy

What does it take to be iconic? Tradition, consistency, and hard work, right? With all of that and more, Mangle di Kulfi is an icon that has been famous for the past 75 years. Known as ‘Old Gurgaon ki Old Kufli’, this place has been serving people with happiness.

The history of Mangle Di Kulfi is not just the tale of a famous dessert restaurant, but also the legacy of a family. Mangle Dhingra founded the company in 1950 with a little stall. Simply because he was passionate about creating the best kulfi, his shop turned into what is now an established dessert corner. In this episode of Stories from Bharat, we met the present owners of this renowned Kulfi establishment, Ram Lal and Anil Dhingra.

Mangle Di Kulfi Is Sheer Tradition

The company has been passed down from one generation to the next through the years, with each family member giving the recipe their own special touch and growing the menu. Since its humble beginnings, offering ₹3 kulfi in a single flavour, it has developed into a full-fledged ice cream shop with over 40 different flavours.

No matter what flavour you choose, you are going to experience a natural taste. The family’s dedication to using only the finest ingredients and time-honoured methods has not wavered in the face of growth. They have never compromised on the quality of their products, and that is the most prominent reason for their success and popularity.

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A Flavour With A Legacy In Gurugram

Mangle di kulfi
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People have been coming back to this place for decades now. There are so many parents who bring their children to experience what they used to love as a child. Of course, no one has ever left this place disappointed. Their bestselling kulfi is the Rabri Falooda, which retails for ₹80; however, the family considers the original plain kulfi the most superior one in terms of flavour. 

The family has come a long way since the kulfi cart was started, and that too without compromising on their quality or commitment to providing impeccable service. For the Gurugram folks, Mangle Di Kufli needs no introduction. But all those who didn’t know about it till now must check it out right away!

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