Here’s What’s Lined Up At The Gypsy Travel Festival

by Pooja Paryani
Here’s What’s Lined Up At The Gypsy Travel Festival

Gypsy Travel Festival Under 140 Characters

Don’t know where to travel in 2017? India’s largest travel festival is meant for those bitten by wanderlust and wondering where to head. Holiday ideas on display!

What is it?

A travel festival where Interactive sessions by travel bloggers, photographers, biker and several more will be there for your dose of chats.

Travel companies, tourism boards, and destination experts will help you chart out your next vacay and book it too!

People Behind This

Travel guru Sumer Verma, underwater photographer Rohit Subramanian and Hippie In Heels, blogger Rachel Jones.

World On Your Plate

From budget holiday to luxury vacations, there are offers for all. Get the best advice and plan your next vacay better. You can also indulge in the cuisines from around the world. Fiji, Israel and Malaysia could be the best on your plate.

Bands on your way

The festival will have bands performing for your entertainment. Do you dig Blues and Rock? Look out for The Tripp .

When: Saturday, Jan 27 and Sunday, Jan 28
Where: Courtyard, High Street Phoenix Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai
How Much: Free

Let us know in comments where you planning to travel this year.

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