These 5 Hacks Will Help You Get The Perfect Icing On Cake

by Vinita Jain
These 5 Hacks Will Help You Get The Perfect Icing On Cake

Only a few people can master the art of baking perfect cakes at home. The highlight of making a perfect cake at home is its flawless icing. Glazing cakes for a smooth finish can be very difficult to master for beginners. However, the time to learn how to do it, is worth it. We’ve got five hacks that can help you in getting the perfect icing on your cake. Check them out!

1. Chill The Cake Layers

Chill the cake layers in the refrigerator for an hour before starting the icing. This makes the cake layers more stable and firmer and simplifies the process of assembling the cake.

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2. Place Whipped Cream On The Board

This hack is for beginners. Place a small amount of whipped cream on the board and place the cake. This helps the cake stay in the same place. And make the later process of decorating the cake simple.

3. Icing Consistency

Before you start icing, make sure your icing has the right consistency. You can find the perfect consistency by checking if it stirs easily. It should leave a smooth trail with no air pockets while stirred.

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4. Perfect Icing Recipe

When making a glaze, it’s important to be aware of the amount of milk you use. A little too much can result in a color bleed that makes perfectionists tear their hair out. If you keep the amount of milk you use constant for all colors, this problem rarely occurs. Check out this recipe for the perfect icing on your cake.

5. Crumb Coat

This is basically a thin layer of icing that completely covers the cake. This first layer of icing will help hide any crumbs in the layer. Let the crumb layer sit for a while before moving on to the final layer of icing. After applying a thin layer of icing, you will have the perfect icing on your cake.

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