This Single Mom From Kolkata Battled Domestic Violence To Start Her Own Cake Shop

by Sanmita A
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The pastel-coloured macarons, creamy cheesecakes, delicious tarts, truffles, brownies, and everything sweet under the sun is baked at this cafe in Kolkata. Fatema Barodawala, a Kolkata baker started Cakelicious as a cloud kitchen, and eventually updated it to a patisserie and then a cafe. She rose through difficult times, battled domestic violence while pregnant and eventually created her own bakery business. After giving birth to a baby girl, Fatema started the bakery in pursuit of her ‘dream life’. Well, as they say, no one can stop a woman once she has made up her mind.

Fatema’s Journey As An Entrepreneur: From Cloud Kitchen To Owning A Cake Store

Fatema, through her social media account, offers glimpses of her life with her daughter, her stories of how she succeeded as an entrepreneur, and the red flags that she ignored in her relationship. If you scroll through her social media, you’ll notice that she is a self-made entrepreneur and proud single-mom inspiring thousands of other women. With her struggle through Covid-19 and escaping her husband’s violence, Fatema weathered it all. And finally, after her daughter’s birth, she started a cloud kitchen and became a successful entrepreneur eventually.

With the money she earned from the cloud kitchen during the initial days, she was finally able to start her own store later. Inspiring right?

Take a look:


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Where Can You Find Fatema’s Cakelicious?

Location: 146, Dr G S Bose Rd, Kata Pukur, Kasba, Kolkata

Cakelicious offerings are of a wide variety and are absolutely delectable. They have great reviews and it is a must-try when in the city. Fatema is definitely breaking all the stereotypes associated with single parents who are successful entrepreneurs.


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