Harassed Japanese Tourist Shares The Holi Incident On Twitter. Take A Look!

by Shreya Ghosh
Harassed Japanese Tourist Shares The Holi Incident On Twitter. Take A Look!

It has been a couple of days since India celebrated Holi and ever since then a video of a group of boys harassing and manhandling a girl is making rounds on social video. The video is of some young boys forcefully applying Holi colours to a young Japanese tourist and misbehaving with her. Twitterari is infuriated after seeing the video and is expressing its anger on social media. There have been so many reactions and responses to this video.

The Japanese Tourist Shared What Really Happened On Thay day

She also took to her Twitter @megumiko_india to share some photos from Holi celebrations. But soon she deleted her tweet and tweeted some more updates about the same.

She shared that she tweeted the video of Holi on 9 March but after that, the number of RTs and DMs increased more than she had imagined. She was terrified, so she deleted the tweet.

The Japanese girl is currently in Bangladesh. She took to Twitter to update about the same.

Delhi Police Has Identified The Boys & The Location Of This Incident

The group of young boys harassed the Japanese tourist and behaved inappropriately with her in the Paharganj area of Delhi. Sanjay Kumar Sain is the deputy commissioner of police of Central Delhi and he shared many details about this incident. According to India Today, the police found the location while doing an investigation into the incident. While inquiring about the case, the police found out that the girl is from Japan.

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While investigating the case, police found the contact details of the Japanese national and the hotel where she stayed at. They tried to contact the girl by calling and texting but she did not reply to anything. Delhi police also contacted the Japanese Embassy for getting more information about this incident. They found out that even the embassy did not have any such information.

The police have identified the boys who are responsible for such disgraceful behaviour. There were a total of  3 boys and one of them is a minor.

Here’s How Tweeple Are Reacting:

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Recently it came to the limelight that this is not a recent incident, but instead a video from 20 September 2020. A Twitter user named Abhishek Upadhyay shared a screenshot of her YouTube video on Twitter.

It seems like new information about the incident is coming to the light every single day.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Sweety (@Sweety52216366), Twitter/ めぐみこ (@megumiko_india)