Harsh Goenka Likes His Coffee Prepared With Artistic Touch

by Sanmita A
Harsh Goenka Likes His Coffee Prepared With Artistic Touch

We love our daily cup of coffee a certain way! While some love it with a dash of milk, others love it all dark & black. There is an emotion towards this beverage that all coffee lovers share – & that’s pure love. The internet is flooded with videos of people preparing versions of coffee & honestly, it gets us every time. Recently, business tycoon, Harsh Goenka shared an aesthetic video of coffee prep, and it looks super artistic. Harsh Goenka captioned the video, ‘How I drink my coffee?’

Harsh Goenka & His ‘Scenic’ Cup of Coffee

The business tycoon, took to Twitter, to share a video of the entire process of his coffee. And, it’s not shocking that there is so much intricacy and art associated with turning this cup of coffee into the beauty it is. Initially, when the hands begin brewing, you will not realise the sleek picture-perfect scene that’s awaiting in the end. Watch the entire video here –

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What Did The Internet About This Artistic Cup Of Coffee?

To be true, for every post and update, you will find a group of users who will turn everything funny. And, Twitterati did not spare this cup of coffee too. We were cracking up on a few of the comments and believe you will find it funny too. Take a look!

Would you want to drink this cup of coffee that Harsh Goenka loves or save it because it’s so pretty?

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