Harsh Goenka Points Out These Similarities Between Panipuri & Earth. Dekho Baat Toh Sahi Hai!

by Shreya Ghosh
Harsh Goenka Points Out These Similarities Between Panipuri & Earth. Dekho Baat Toh Sahi Hai!

Every time I hear about pani puri or see any stall selling this delish street food, I start craving it! It is so hard to find someone who is not a fan of panipuri. Be it phuchka or gol gappa or paani ke patashe, we can always grab a bite of one or two of these. Served with yummy chatpata chole or chickpeas, or spicy boiled potatoes and dipped in yummy water, every bite of pani puri is just like a burst of flavours inside our mouth. Everyone loves to gorge on this popular street food and it seems like Harsh Goenka is a fan as well. His recent tweet about this food item is hilarious!

Harsh Goenka Found Some Interesting Similarities Between Pani Puri & Earth

The chairman of RPG Group conglomerate took to his official Twitter account to share some resemblances between this tempting street food and the planet Earth. Well, now this is something very interesting, right? Who would have thought there can be comparabilities between pani puri and our planet? Let’s find out what all the similarities are Mr. Goenka talking about!

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What Are The Resemblances Between Panipuri & Earth?

  1. Both pani puri and the Earth are circular in shape.
  2. The second similarity between pani puri and the Earth is that both are 70 per cent filled with water.
  3. Harsh Goenka shared that there is absolutely no life without pani puri and our planet.

This Is How Twitter Users Are Reacting To Harsh Goenka’s Tweet!

Twitterati is simply loving this fun tweet by Harsh Goenka. Netizens are pouring their love for pani puri into this tweet and sharing some fun responses as well. Shared on 24 April, this tweet already has more than 121.1K views with over 2,200 likes and so many retweets. Here’s what they have to say about this tweet.

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Some Twitter users even pointed out how humans are destroying both the taste of pani puri and our planet Earth.

Are you also a huge fan of pani puri just like me? Also, what is this popular Indian street food known in your city? Do let us know!

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