Bengaluru’s Jail-Themed Restaurant Serves Delicacies Instead of Sentences; Harsh Goenka Reacts

by Tooba Shaikh
Bengaluru’s Jail-Themed Restaurant Serves Delicacies Instead of Sentences; Harsh Goenka Reacts

When you think of places where you can get delicious food, jail would not even rank in your top 10 list. However, if you go to this restaurant, you might change your mind a bit. Out of all the themes in the world to choose from, a restaurant in Bangalore chose Jail as its theme and people are, needless to say, intrigued. This jail-themed restaurant seems to have grabbed the attention of the business tycoon Harsh Goenka.

Bengaluru’s Jail-Themed Restaurant

Harsh Goenka has one of the most intriguing Twitter accounts where he shares many things with his followers. He recently shared a video wherein a food blogger gives the viewers a tour of a restaurant with a unique theme.

Located in the HSR area of Bangalore, Central Jail Restaurant has all the prison vibes. The menu of the place features items that are named in keeping with the restaurant’s prison theme. Inside the restaurant, you can either sit at the table chairs assembled inside or sit at booths made to look like private prison cells.

To give visitors the optimal prison vibes, the order in this restaurant is taken by waiters who are dressed as policemen. The food is served on plain aluminium plates and cutlery. Even water is served in an aluminium kettle.

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Not The First Jail-Themed Restaurant

In the video, you can also see the food being served by people wearing the stereotypical prisoner’s outfit, a white pyjama set with vertical black stripes. However, instead of life sentences, these prisoners are serving delicious-looking food to the patrons.

The video shows many visitors enjoying a delicious meal behind bars. We definitely wouldn’t mind being sent to this jail! You can also click interesting photos as the setting makes for an excellent Instagram photo opportunity. You can even pose with handcuffs if you like.

However, as unique as the restaurant seems, this is not the only jail-themed restaurant in our country. A restaurant chain by the name of Kaidi Kitchen is similar in concept. It has restaurants in Kolkata and Chennai.

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Cover Image Credits: @centraljailrestaurant/Instagram