Harsh Goenka Reveals Interesting Info About World’s Costliest Mangoes

Harsh Goenka
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 134

If you’re a mango lover, you should definitely be aware of the costliest mangoes in the world. Known as Miyazaki mangoes, these fruits cost a thumping ₹2.7 lakhs per kg. As it might be already evident from the name, these mangoes are well-known in Japan. Interestingly, these mangoes are produced in India as well. Unlike most varieties of Indian mangoes, like Himsagar, Alphanso and Langda, Miyazaki mangoes are ruby-hued. The harvest season of these mangoes is usually between April and August. Recently, business tycoon Harsh Goenka shared an interesting fact about these mangoes.

Mangoes For The Elite Class!

Madhya Pradesh couple Rani and Sankalp Parihar have been growing the Japanese Miyazaki mangoes on their terrace for some time now and their efforts have caught the attention of industrialist Harsh Goenka too. Taking to Twitter, Goenka said that Parihar has hired three security guards and 6 dogs to guard the trees. Earlier, Hindustan Times had reported that when Parihar started growing the saplings given to him by someone on the train, he did not even realise that they are the most expensive mangoes in the world. When the mangoes started turning ruby red in colour, he and his wife Rani did online research and found out that they were Miyazaki mangoes.

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These Mangoes Are Often Called ‘Eggs Of The Sun’

Miyazaki mangoes are also grown in Assam’s Hojai. Due to their deep red colour, they are often referred to as the ‘Eggs of the Sun’ or ‘Dragon’s Egg’. Have you tasted a Miyazaki mango yet?

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