Harvard Diet: What It Is & How You Can Create Healthy & Balanced Meals For A Longer Life

by Tooba Shaikh
Harvard Diet: What It Is & How You Can Create Healthy & Balanced Meals For A Longer Life

Harvard Diet is the latest of the Internet fads. Netizens are always eager to try new kinds of diets and take their metabolism on a ride. From atkins and paleo to the good old ketogenic diet and even the pineapple diet which got famous last year. Now, there is a new kind of diet that promises to not just make you fit but also help you live a longer life.

Harvard Diet: How To Create Balanced Meals For A Longer Life

The diet was created by experts from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Hence, the name of the diet. It is essentially an eating plan designed specifically to increase the life expectancy of those who follow the diet. It has recently taken over the Internet and people are trying it for themselves to see if it works.

It was designed in 2011 and is called Harvard’s Healthy Eating Plate diet or Harvard Diet. The Harvard diet can be used as a guide to creating healthier and more balanced meals. It recommends eating more green vegetables and animal protein like meats, fish, and poultry. It also recommends eating protein-rich food and whole grains.

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Healthy Eating Habits Prevent Chronic Diseases

Harvard diet
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The diet also stipulates that it is important to avoid consuming sugary items and beverages. And while it emphasises the importance of eating vegetables, it does not encourage eating more potatoes. The reason being that, according to the eating plan, the type of carbohydrate consumed is way more crucial than the amount of carbohydrates consumed.

It also encourages the consumption of healthy oils. According to experts at the Harvard Nutrition School, curating eating habits prevents major chronic diseases that decrease one’s life expectancy and mortality rate.

Hence, following the Harvard Diet, which is essentially a guide to healthy and balanced eating, will help those who follow it regularly, live longer. By avoiding the risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes, and other major heart diseases, it helps people live fuller, longer, and more energetic lives.

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