Have You Heard Barking When Flying In An Airplane? Here’s What It Is

by Shreya Rathod
Have You Heard Barking When Flying In An Airplane? Here’s What It Is

Have you ever wondered why you hear the sound of a dog barking while landing and take-off? Doesn’t it scare you to suddenly hear such a sound out of nowhere? Well, we are going to solve this mystery for you. No need to be scared because several planes make these kinds of noise, especially the Airbus A320. Take a look at the reason for this unique dog barking sound.

About The Airbus A320

Airbus A320 is a popular narrow-body jets. And more than five thousand aircraft are flying in the air. Moreover, the company has received an order for eight thousand aircraft. Indian airlines like Air India and IndiGo have tied up with the French company for the Airbus A320. These aircraft are safe and have state-of-the-art facilities. Despite everything, the aircraft makes a sound like barking dogs.

The aircraft has a Power Transfer Unit (PTU) that makes the noise. This transfers power from one hydraulic unit to another. There are three of them in the Airbus A320 — two of them run the engine and one is for backup. While take-off and landing, a lot of strength is needed. And the landing gear, nose wheel steering, braking system on the ground and flaps work together to control the speed.

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Dog Barking Sound

When an aircraft is preparing to take off or an engine shuts down after landing, you can hear the barking sound. This is because only one of the hydraulic units is working at the time and has a lot of pressure on it. It ensures the pilots have full control of the aircraft and is a very valuable system.

The aircraft has three independent circuits, that is green, yellow and blue. The yellow hydraulic unit may power the green one and is also bi-directional. While the green one powers the yellow unit by dumping excess power if the starboard engine fails.

The hydraulic power transfer unit is a hydraulic motor coupled to a hydraulic pump. The power Transfer Unit is a self-start mechanism by pure mechanical influence which is a result of the delta pressure between the two hydraulic systems. And this makes a sudden whoosh or barking sound.

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So, the next time you hear such a sound, don’t panic because it is just the hydraulic system.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia