Head To Delhi’s Iconic Signature Bridge Before It Shuts Down After Diwali!

Signature bridge
by Vidisha Khaitan

Have you been to Delhi’s iconic Signature bridge yet? Well, if not, you better head soon! A little birdy whispered about it being shut down after Diwali. Reports state the instrumental bridge connecting Wazirabad to East Delhi might need some post Diwali recouping like the rest of us. Wonder what it’s drinking…

What is it

Signature bridge

Image Credits: skyscrapercity

The Signature Bridge is a cantilever bridge. The spar that holds it is insta-worthy gorgeous. The white bridge stands over a blue patch of the Yamuna river. It’s India’s first asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge, double the height of Qutub Minar! There’s even a selfie box 154 meters above ground. Arguably, the most important feature is that it massively cuts travel time at Wazirabad between north and northeast Delhi.

Delhi has waited 14 years for their saviour and now it feels like a Diwali hangover is coming our way. Not to worry, city dwellers! The Signature bridge will only close from 11 PM to 5 AM. Our traffic needs 675 m long and 35 m wide stretch of uninterrupted zooping, and the government knows it.

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What’s going on

Image Credits: tourmyindia

The Signature bridge has been open for a year but the four-storey observatory deck started only in June. That means construction equipment is still stuck up there. Ladders, tower crane and platforms are huge, and no traffic movement can be permitted for safety concerns. Transport department will have to clear the bridge of all equipment as per government instructions. That’s what this whole thing is about. For about 20 days, every night at the Signature bridge will be time spent making it more beautiful for us!

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There have also been talks of another high-speed lift in parallel structures. The present lifts are not equipped to handle heavy tourist traffic. These lifts will function next to the pylons for faster commute to the observatory deck. Delhi is transforming, slowly but surely. Roads, rail, education and health have been the government’s top priority in recent years. The measures and results are striking. We can’t wait for this project to end and see how it enhances the beauty of Delhi’s iconic Signature bridge. Who knows how long it’ll really take, so we’re planning our next Instagram post sometime next week. Get there before the bridge snoozes.

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