Delhi! Your Favourite Food Festival Is Back And That Too With DIVINE!

by Vidisha Khaitan

Delhi’s favourite festival is back and this time it’s gone bigger with the craziest artist lineups, food stalls and attractions beyond expectations. We love it every year. It’s the true food hot-spot. Every Delhiite runs into at least a dozen acquaintances during the three days. It’s difficult to fathom how much organisers can pack into just one weekend but they’ve done it and we can’t wait to consume it!

What is it

Image Credits: The Hindu (for rep)

The grub fest is the biggest food fest that takes place in the capital city. It is held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and that’s what keeps the crowds in control. The tickets are ₹399 onwards but become increasingly more expensive as D day comes closer. It is mainly a food festival that shows every ethnicity and creative inspirational design. The best chefs present experimental opportunities. New and growing restaurants are unearthed. Many people go back with new found regulars, thanks to the free trials of essentials like coffee, nuts, cookies, and other stuff that is a necessity in every household.

What you should know


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Children above age 4 will be charged a full ticket and the open space is also wheelchair accessible. Delhi’s favourite weekend will begin on Friday at noon and bid us farewell for another year at 10 PM on Sunday. We recommend taking public transport because parking is limited, time taking and rather exhausting. While the crowd is managed well, the space is huge but limited. Influx of human beings is never ending at the most popular festival so be prepared for a reality check on Delhi’s population.

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What’s more


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Music, fun and frolic is what people are looking for on the weekends. That’s exactly what this festival gives them. We’re not exaggerating. In fact, we’re down playing it, so you get the shock of your life. Sabka gully boy DIVINE is playing on Saturday night. Do you need more motivation to get grubbing?

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Imagine all the hotdogs you can eat for free? That’s possible at grub fest because there’s going to be a hotdog eating competition for 24×7’s amazing hotdogs on all three days of the festival! This is just the beginning. The secrets are disclosed only once the fest starts and we’re there. If you haven’t been here, you don’t know what you’re missing. The point of living in a place like Delhi is so you can get the best cultural dip without travelling at all. Different artists, cuisines and people expose us to all kinds of diverse choices people make. We guess your weekend plans are sorted?

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