Sign Up For The Most Exotic Meal In Delhi With 7 Famous Chefs Offering 6 Amazing Thalis

Bagdadi Mughlai Food
by Vidisha Khaitan

Delhi’s best chefs are coming together for one platform, three days, 6 best menus ever. Are you going to be there?

What is it


Picture Credit: DSSC (for rep)

Six Indian thalis of regional cuisines are being created for the festive season. The second edition of our favourite OTT event by Delhi Secret Supper Club (DSSC) is going to be bigger, better and hungrier than last year. Seven of Delhi’s best chefs are defining the food scene this year in surprisingly hatke styles and offering the most exotic meal in Delhi. Each thali must be booked for the time slot given and hurry up because this guest list is filling fast.

Who’s who

Chef Ritu Dalmia. Picture Credit: iodonna

Brilliant chef Megha Kohli responsible for Mehrauli’s marvel Lavaash by Saby is curating… wait for it… a Bengali Thali. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with. She’s not the only one with a surprise for us. Diva’s chef Ritu Dalmia is onto a royal Marwari feast on a plate. Rustom’s chef Kainaz Contractor and Café Lota fame Rahu Dua are doing what they do best, bringing us Parsi goodness. Delhi’s chill-est bar Auro bagged the queen chef Megha Agarwal who’s crafting an Assamese Thali for Delhi foodies. Celebrity chef Marut Sikka is serving Punjabi Thali for lunch. Flavourful Andhra Thali is coming our way from A Ta Maison and Jamun head chef Rahul Gomes Pereira aka chef Picu.

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Everything you need to know

Picture Credit: digi dunia (for rep)

November 1-3 are the dates and ₹1150-1350 is the price. Each thali will be served on specific time slots between 8-8.30 PM, with the exception of Punjabi at 1.30 PM. Everybody will be allowed one refill of their thali. It’s not a party without booze and our favourite chefs know it. Expect perfect pairing of beverages with the food, for the ones above legal drinking age of course. Differently abled people will be taken care of on the ground floor which is wheelchair accessible. Children are welcome and will not be charged if they’re below the age of five. Any older than that and tickets are full price. We suggest you reach 20 minutes in advance specially if you have special request like food allergies for example, let the chefs know!

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Tickets are transferrable so book your tickets now and worry about it later. Just don’t risk missing out because FOMO is going to be huge once the pictures take Instagram by storm. Go alone for food focus in community dinner style. Foodies are never really alone, we have the food, silly. One of a kind experiences are rare, and Delhi is lucky to have another. Make the most of the city while you can!

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