This 24×7 Historic Pakoda Stall In Delhi Has A Solution For Your 4AM Munchies

by Vidisha Khaitan
This 24×7 Historic Pakoda Stall In Delhi Has A Solution For Your 4AM Munchies

India has a million cuisines but there’s one thing common to all tastes: pakodas. Baarish ke baad, breakfast se pehle, shaam ki chai or midnight munchies, pakoda are perfect for any occasion. It’s tough to find good pakodas in your city. Well, not when you’re in Delhi. Even Our iconic Bangla Sahib was not successful in overshadowing this Delhi gem.

What is it

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Behind Bangla Sahib gurudwara, there’s a pakoda paradise which is open 24×7. Instead of closing on holidays, they just up their game!

They serve the best bread pakoda in town which taste even better at 3AM when death by hunger is very real. They have aloo, paneer, ghobi, pyaaz, mirchi, mix, you name it! The kulhad chai comes as the perfect companion. Besides this there’s other street food too like chowmien and momos but the pakodas are the stars. There are two big stalls that run in unison but charge separately.

What’s more

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People here are true Dilliwale. They belong to all age groups and communities. Food really does unite us all. We see a secular country flourishing right here with fried food in hand. Everybody’s paying for one another and sharing food. Families come in big gangs, park their cars and eat on the bonnets. The place is always flooded, 4PM and 4AM alike. Another favourite is ram laddu. The demand is so high they have to fry all day. So, when you order they’ll just reheat and serve within 2 minutes. If they don’t then there’d be a stampede.

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The place is kept clean since it’s outside one of Delhi’s most loved and famed locations. Surrounded by the best of Delhi in Connaught Place, this 24×7 pakoda stall holds its ground quite well among the likes of attractions like India Gate. In fact, that only increases footfall here because nothing is better than this. Your Connaught Place trip is incomplete without a short and calorie-heavy trip to this pakoda paradise.

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Did we mention you can pack it for home too? It doesn’t go soft for a long time. You can also get gigantic mathri for the go. The vibe here is always peaceful, pious blessings exuding from the gurudwara. 180 hungry people leave the gurudwara with stomachs full every 15 minutes all year round. A 24×7 pakoda stall was destined to exist here for us. Now you know exactly where to go the next time you can’t sleep, or don’t want to! It’s god’s will after all.

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