Forget Agra & Jaipur, Explore These 5 Offbeat Places Near Delhi Instead

by Vidisha Khaitan
Forget Agra & Jaipur, Explore These 5 Offbeat Places Near Delhi Instead

The whole city lights up, Delhi is a visual treat during the festive season. You know what that means? Traffic. Crowded places, pollution from excessive vehicles and Delhi’s nemesis, crackers. While people rejoice in community gatherings, some of us are just looking for a place to stand. Well, not to worry! Curly Tales is here to rescue you. Here are five offbeat places to escape Delhi and celebrate peacefully.

1. Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

escape delhi diwali
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Travel back in time to the land of monuments and temples. Considered to be a favourite among some of the most offbeat places in the country, this is a beautiful family destination with lots to see. The heritage will make you forget all about noise and commotion. Best part: the town is flouring by the banks of river Betwa. Kids love the grandiose of the forts. They also house great quiet nooks and corners for the solitude seekers. Jahangir Mahal, Ram Raja temple and the Chhatris are just enough to cover on one weekend.

Drive time: 9 hours from Delhi

2. Lansdowne, Uttarakhand

escape delhi diwali
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This is the place for ultimate relaxation. Escape Delhi’s Diwali into green pastures and chirping birds. Nature lovers will never want to come back to the city even with Diwali out of the way. There is a manmade lake, Bhulla Taal, in this paradise where one can go boating. The Shivalik Range makes for stunning views from ‘Tip-in-Top’. Trekking and birdwatching are tourist favourites around here. The Kalagarh Tiger Reserve covering 300 sq. km of northern Jim Corbett can be caught in action on your escape Delhi Diwali vacation!

Drive time: 6 and a half hours from Delhi

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3. Barog, Himachal

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Only 60 km from Chandigarh, this hill station remained mostly untouched by tourists until a few years ago and that’s why it is listed among offbeat places to visit. The crowds are nothing compared to famous destinations like Dharamshala so head there before it’s too late and too crowded. Escape Delhi Diwali at Dolanji Bon Monastery radiating peace and quiet. The Choor Chandni Peak and Solan Valley decorate a perfect setting for camping with friends. If you’re craving a little more then visit the Suketi Fossil Park for to observe soft sandstone and clay rocks.

Drive time: 6 hours from Delhi

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4. Morni Hill

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Around 3,900 meters above sea level stands Queen Morni’s namesake in Haryana. This small village is a big pataka with historic fort and ancient history plus lots of action. It’s a perfect offbeat getaway for adventure sports and idyllic pastures. Two sacred lakes surround the Morni Hill Tract allowing flora and fauna to proliferate. Expect peace and quiet during the off-season Diwali weekend and escape Delhi pollution. Trade the noise and fanatics for the sound of water and birds for friends.

Drive time: 5 hours from Delhi

5. Nahan, Himachal

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This quaint little town is for those who need clean festivities. It’s small and quiet but enjoys wildlife, temples and festivals. The Shivalik range is its crown jewel but the scenic beauty is not the only attraction. In the middle of a wild and removed pine forest, camping site Kangojodi is the best retreat from our concrete jungle. Ditch the village people for alone time under the stars, just you and the wild. It’s completely secure at CampRoxx to plan a solo trip on our escape Delhi Diwali quest.

Drive time: 5 hours from Delhi

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No amount of fun is worth inhaling toxic air. Don’t let your friends and family blackmail you into staying in. Yielding is for the weak, and you’re sure to get weaker if you pull through Delhi Diwali pollution. Just run away with your own self or whisk away your bae or bros, as you please. Escape Delhi for heavenly getaways where no one will force feed you in the name of festive cheer. You can be just as cheerful far away in the lap of nature. Isn’t that the best kind of celebration anyway?