This 50-Year-Old Dhaba In Delhi Has Taken Fusion To A New Level With Paneer Rajma Chawal

rajma chawal
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan1265

Old Delhi is full of dreams we never knew we had. It’s a magical land where the best things come together to create even better things. Who says Old Delhi is not worth it? Is there anywhere else you would get so many delicious favourites served on one plate for the most perfect combination ever? Hatke Rajma Chawal is the name and description, both.

What is it

rajma chawal

Picture Credit: priya’s versatile recipes (for rep)

The name is literally it. It is Dilli wali rajma chawal, topped with palak and paneer! We know it sounds like a lot. If you have any doubts about this partnership, it’s only because you haven’t tried it. Now that you know, hurry! Don’t waste another moment without having tried this Old Delhi evergreen gem. It is served with mix pickle and onions on a plate. The flavours blend together spectacularly well. Rice itself is fragrant, rajma spicy and palak creamy. Chunks of paneer complete your need for feed. All this for just Rs 90!

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Where is it

Picture Credit: instagram-dm (for rep)

The board at Shop no. 232 actually reads Sadar Bazar ki Mashoor Dukaan translating to Sadar Bazar’s famous stall. The confidence is not without material to back it up. They know how good they are and it’s time you find out too. Tauliye Wali Gali in Sadar Bazar Market is immensely famous in all of Delhi. Delhi-6 is often understood as just Chandni Chowk. If you’ve done this your whole life too, we’ve got news for you. Sadar Bazaar is where Delhiites go for replenishing their supplies. Every trip includes a visit to everybody’s most favourite Rajma Chawal medley.

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What’s more

palak rajma chawal

Picture Credit: DNA India

This place is foodgasm all over. The chole bhature here are another famous delight. Pro tip: first timers should wear sport shoes and keep their valuables with extra care. Walking space is scarce because of encroachers and crowds are catastrophic. The market shuts down around 6:30 PM officially but shops don’t even start wrapping up before 7 PM. If you’re one of those who wished to avoid the shopping frenzy and visit on a Sunday, you’re in for a disappointment because there’s a possibility even Hatke Rajma Chawal will be snoozing. They snooze you lose. Don’t be a loser, head there for festive cheer. This is the best time to visit with all the merriment in the air.

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