Witness The First Ever Diwali Show In Delhi That Will Have Green Lasers And Not Fire Crackers!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Witness The First Ever Diwali Show In Delhi That Will Have Green Lasers And Not Fire Crackers!

Delhi’s taking a full turn from pollution to paradise this Diwali. Delhi government recognizes that the festive season will be colourless without crackers. The whole reason people burst the vile combustibles is for spectacle. Well, that was an easy code to crack for our government who’s committed to a cleaner greener Delhi for the long run. The capital city is in for a real treat this Diwali with no pollution and a spectacle like never before.

What’s happening

Image Credits: 4usky (for rep)

Delhi will see a four-day laser show at Connaught Place from 26-29 November. The itch you have will be satiated this year. A laser show of this level will be first of its kind. The show will start at 6 PM and go on till 10 PM. On top of all this, the community celebration is free of cost, no passes required. Walk in and out as per your joyful convenience, just spare us the noise, air and (with impending doom hanging over) moral pollution.

You must be wondering how in the world Delhi’s got the bandwidth to handle this kind of crowd concentration. Seems like you’ve underestimated India’s best city yet again. The inner circle of CP will be entirely pedestrianised. No cars in or out. Parking will be available outside outer circle. But who’s going to take their cars when the metro’s head chair is right there. There will be vehicles to ferry people from point A to B, battery operated electronics of course. It’s a green day remember!

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What’s more

Image Credits: behance (for rep)

The laser show will take your breath away but not before several art and cultural programs soak you in culture. Diwali is about the whole country coming together and making merry. Folklore is created just so communities have something to relate to. You know what else does that? Cultural performances and food. Did you even for a second think Delhi could go on without food on Diwali? The government knows better. Food stalls are going to serve every kind of ethnicity on a platter in that huge space!

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Connaught Place is going to be converted into a festive slogan and we can’t wait to see the perfectly controlled circles wreak havoc for Diwali. The laser lights are going to reflect and bounce off of the pristine white CP walls, the overbearing Indian flag will turn the sky tricolour and food will be there. We know you never thought we’d say this, but there is one thing more important than food and that’s coming too: oxygen. That’s Delhi’s gift to us taxpayers this Diwali.

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