Head To Jugaadi Adda For Mumbai’s Yummiest Vada Pavs

by Gizel Menezes
Head To Jugaadi Adda For Mumbai’s Yummiest Vada Pavs

Jugaad is an ‘Indian’ thing. And as Indians, we have tried using jugaad in something or the other, almost everyday. But what better food to try indulging in some jugaad than with the Bambaiya vada pav and the iconic samosa pav.

This is exactly the logic applied by the owners Akshay Rane and his business partner Dhanashree Gharat. Their outlet, named as Jugaadi Adda, has one of the most ingenious versions of vada pav and samosa pav you must have ever imagined. What started off as one outlet in Pune in 2017, has now expanded to 6 outlets in Mumbai. While the outlet in Pune did not do well and unfortunately had to be shut down, the ones in Mumbai are doing great! The couple also plans on expanding them in Ahmedabad and other cities.

Jugaadi Adda – Where Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Around 15-20 varieties of vada pav are available at all of their outlets. And they have some fancy names too like Godfather Vada Pav, VIP Vada Pav and Machayenge Vada Pav! Sounds pretty interesting, right?

The classic Samosa Pav also has been experimented with too. Some of their best selling samosa pavs are Tangy Sunny Samosa Pav and Jantar Mantar Samosa Pav. However, the most unique item in the Samosa menu is the chocolate Samosa Pav, where the rich and gooey chocolate filling on the inside and the crispy layer of the samosa on the outside are a match made in heaven.

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Love vada pav? Who doesn’t? Precisely why we are letting you in on one of the coolest vada pav spots in town. It’s called Jugaadi Adda in Worli, Mumbai and they specialize in crafting the wackiest combinations of vada pav flavors as and when they please. The idea is to sprint away from the classic, normal vada pav and even inspire you to jugaad your very own flavor of vada pav. Crazy, isn’t it? Stay tuned for the video coming out today! . Outlets in: Worli, Dadar, Girgaon, Matunga, Ulhasnagar, Ahmedabad . . . . . . .#vadapav #vada #pav #coolestspot #coolestspotintown #jugaadiadda #foodie #streetfood #indianfood #foodblogger #foodporn #mumbai #mumbaistreetfood #foodphotography #indianstreetfood #food #instafood #foodie #streetfood #indianfood #foodblogger #foodporn #mumbai #mumbaistreetfood #foodphotography #indianstreetfood #food #instafood

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Apart from scoring well in the experimental food department, Jugaadi Adda also tops the charts for being extremely affordable. Starting from a meagre ₹ 20, the most expensive item on their menu is ₹ 45. Isn’t that amazing? Head onto Jugaadi Adda for some lip-smacking twists on the best thing Mumbai has to offer!

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They have six outlets in Mumbai in the following locations: Matunga East, Dadar West, Lower Parel, Worli and Girgaum and Ulhasnagar (Thane).

Opening Hours: 9 am to 11 pm
Cost for two: ₹ 100