Heading To Sri Lanka? Indians Now Need To Furbish Vaccination Certificate Or PCR Report To Enter

by Shreya Ghosh
Heading To Sri Lanka? Indians Now Need To Furbish Vaccination Certificate Or PCR Report To Enter

Are you planning to travel to Sri Lanka anytime soon? If yes, we have very important news to share with you. Sri Lanka has revised its COVID-19 travel guidelines and protocols and the recent protocol states that Indians will need to carry their vaccination report or present a negative PCR test report to enter the neighbouring country. Following these rules is a mandate for flying to this nation. When to undergo the PCR test and to know more information about this, read on!

Indians Will Need To Present The Vaccination Certificate Or Negative PCR Report To Enter Sri Lanka

The Indian High Commission announced the news of the new COVID-19 guidelines to fly to Sri Lanka on Saturday. Every Indian wanting to enter Sri Lanka will need to furnish their vaccination report to enter the island nation, as mentioned earlier. But what about those travellers who have not been vaccinated yet? The unvaccinated tourists will need to show the negative report of their PCR tests. They need to undergo the PCR test within 72 hours before reaching the nation.

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The island nation is making these mandatory protocols once again after discontinuing some of the mandatory COVID-19 travel restrictions. It was on 7 December when the country stopped the compulsory rule of presenting vaccination reports for overseas visitors. They also stopped the guideline of showing a negative COVID-19 report.

The Island Nation To Stay Under Careful Observation

Sri Lanka will stay alert about any new developments related to COVID-19 and they will consult about this with the health authorities, shared by the Sri Lankan authorities. According to several reports, the new protocols came into place Friday onwards.

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Sri Lanka is a wonderful country to explore and it is a beautiful paradise for every nature enthusiast. With pristine beaches, verdant greenery, tropical ambience, wildlife spots, great weather, so many adventurous activities to experience, and a lot more, this country is perfect for a fantastic holiday. If you are planning for similar travel experiences this year, make sure to add the beautiful island nation to your bucket list. Let us know how you enjoyed the tropical holiday!

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