South Asia’s First Disneyland Theme Park May Come Up In Sri Lanka’s Hambantota

by Shreya Ghosh 501

No matter if you are a child, a young adult, or an adult struggling with adulting, or a full-grown adult, all of us have dreamt of visiting the iconic Disneyland theme parks around the world. The good news is that Sri Lanka might become the first South Asian country to have a Disneyland theme park. Very exciting, right? We just need to wait for what happens after a team of Disneyland officials travels to Sri Lanka in November and conducts a meeting.

Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Might Be The Home To South Asia’s First Disneyland Theme Park


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The island nation is in talks about the humongous development of a Disneyland theme park. If things fall into place properly and Hambantota becomes the home of South Asia’s first Disneyland, Sri Lanka will experience a humungous boost in the tourism industry.

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Along with the discussion of the country with the officials of Disneyland in November, Diana Gamage, the State Tourism Minister of Sri Lanka, is also on her way to travel to the US very soon and conduct a discussion about the $18 billion investment following an invitation from Walt Disney. Here’s the tweet by Jamila Husain.

Sri Lanka Will Host Miss Tourism World- International Finale 2022 In December

The biggest reason for Sri Lanka being in the line for developing Disneyland is because of their hosting rights of the ‘Miss Tourism World- International Finale 2022’. Hosting the mega pageant in Colombo from 8 December to 21 December is helping Sri Lanka get humungous exposure from all around the world. The event will have winners from 80 countries who will explore the iconic tourist attractions in the country. Overall this event will be extremely beneficial for Sri Lanka to promote their tourism sector. It will present the country to the world globally.

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The unprecedented economic crisis in Sri Lanka is known to everyone. In between all these things, the discussion and the development of Disneyland is amazing news for the country. If this theme park opens in Hambantota, lakhs of tourists will fly to Sri Lanka to explore the park. It will be a childhood dream come true moment. We are enthusiastic to hear the grand news. What about you?

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay