Sri Lanka Extends Multiple Entry Tourist Visa Scheme To 5 Years To Promote Tourism

Sri Lanka Tourism
by Sanmita A 473

Sri Lanka has been in headlines for its major economic and political crisis. And currently, to overcome such a economic turmoil, the island nation needs to play its strengths. Sri Lanka, in a move to improve its tourism, has extended its multiple entry tourist visa to five years. Under this tourist rule, one can stay in Sri Lanka up to six months at one go. Sri Lanka, is introducing various visa rules and schemes to get in more tourists and travellers into the country.

Is Sri Lanka Tourism Improving?

Sri Lankan tourism minister, Harin Fernando said that the tourism in the island nation has started to pick after the protest faded. People have begun to visit Sri Lanka and there has been a flow of tourist, although very less as compared to pre-pandemic times. The country had also introduced the digital nomad visa for foreigners who were engaged in remote work. The digital nomad visa allows remote work from any part of the world. One of the countries in Southeast Asia to introduce the digital nomad visa is Indonesia. There are other countries too, like Germany, Costa Rica, Seychelles, Dubai and more.


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Better Value For Indian Currency In Sri Lanka

Fernando was in Ahmedabad last month, where he said that Indian will find better value for money by touring Sri Lanka, rather than Indian destinations. Fernando also expects that there will be 10 lakh Indian tourist footfall in the island nation. He even said, that people from India tend to visit the Southeast Asian countries like Maldives, Singapore and Thailand than countries like Sri Lanka. The island nation is now receiving 2,000 tourists per day and from what it looks like, with the political crisis fading, Sri Lanka will welcome more tourists by the beginning of next year.


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