We Found A Heart Shaped Lake At Chembra Peak In Kerala & It Should Be Visited By Every Nature Lover

by Kritikka Sudhakar
We Found A Heart Shaped Lake At Chembra Peak In Kerala & It Should Be Visited By Every Nature Lover

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Chembra Peak, located in Meppadi, Kerala is considered as Mecca for Mountain trekkers is the highest peak in Wayanad. Located 7000 Feet above sea level, this is like the Pearl in the Oyster of Ranges.

What Is It?

Chembra Mountain is famous for Trekking activities and its tranquility. So if you want to go for a mid-level difficulty trek, with alluring views of the nature, and in a peaceful arena, then this is exactly what you have to endure. This peak is located in Mepaddi and can be reached by trekking which will roughly take about 3.5 hours.

At the peak, one can view the whole of the Wayanad district as well as the surrounding Nilgiri, Kozhikode, Mallapuram districts. And the whole Mountain Range is almost covered with thick evergreen lushing forests. The cold breaze at this spot will just take off all your negativity along with it and give you peace.

Permission for the trek is a must from the District Forest Office. (Office Hours – 7AM- 2PM)

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Chembra Mountain


What’s Unique?

Chembra peak is a common point between Wayanad hill of Western Ghat, adjoining Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu,Vellarimala in Kozhikode(Kerela). Hridayathadakam, is the most beautiful heart-shaped river found on the way up to the peak. The chirping of the birds, the serenity in this area is what you must experience to get peace. Pleasure is found here in a very pure form, as this place is absolutely untouched from the human Civilization. This works better than any therapy, so some hours at this place may heal you from stresses of life.

INTERESTING FACT: It’s believed that the lake did not dry up since eternity.

So people who won’t want to trek further up to the peak, can halt here for a picnic spot. This is at the middle of the trekking circuit.

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Location: Meppadi, Kerala
Best Time To Visit: December- February
How To Reach: Buses from all major stations of Karnataka/ Kerala reach Kalpetta, and then a taxi/local bus to Mepaddi which is just 8 KM from Kalpetta
Permit Cost: ₹750 for 10 Indians, ₹1500 for International tourists
Camera Cost: ₹50

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