Heat Wave In These Indian Locations Have Pushed Ozone Levels Past Safe Limit

by Sanmita A
Heat Wave In These Indian Locations Have Pushed Ozone Levels Past Safe Limit

The heatwaves, rapidly increasing temperatures, and climate change have disturbed many states in India and are now causing a severe threat to people’s health. Unfortunately, due to the heatwaves continuously rising faster than ever, many Indian states are seeing a rise in ground ozone levels. Also, parts of Delhi recorded up to 43-47 degrees of temperature. Locations like Jawahar Lal Nehru (JLN) Stadium, Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range, Nehru Nagar, Mandir Marg, RK Puram and Narela saw a rise in the ozone limit of 100 micrograms per cubic metre six in the last week of April.

What Does An Increase in Ozone Gas Mean For The City?

A report from the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) reveals that several places in Delhi’s NCR region have crossed permissible levels in certain areas and are a threat to asthma patients and people with respiratory diseases.

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What Do Ozone Gases Contain?

This gas is formed after heat and gases such as oxides of nitrogen and volatile organic compounds combine due to large traffic pollution. The presence of several industries, especially the industrial areas, contributes to air pollution and leads to high ground ozone levels.

Delhi NCR

Delhi NCR’s Worsening Temperature

According to the DPCC’s report, the average temperature recorded in Delhi’s NCR region in the month of April is around 38°C. Now, if you compare it with the actual temperature which has been recorded, you’ll definitely be shocked.

Summers definitely arrived early this year, and this must be a concerning issue. As this intensifies, heatwaves are only going to stay longer. And sadly, the root cause of such disturbances is global warming, several experts said.

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