Heavy Downpours Hit Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province; Near Zero-Visibility In Qassim And Riyadh

Saudi Arabia witnesses heavy rainfall in addition to hailstorm and lack of visibility in Several regions.

by Shreya Rathod
Heavy Downpours Hit Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province; Near Zero-Visibility In Qassim And Riyadh

While Dubai and other UAE cities are witnessing heavy downpours, Saudi Arabia is facing fluctuating weather conditions. With heavy rainfall, the regions of Eastern Province, Qassim and Riyadh are facing near zero visibility; here are the details.

Heavy Downpours And Fluctuating Weather In Saudi Arabia

The National Centre of Meteorology predicts that there will be more rain in Saudi Arabia, with heavy rains, strong winds, hail, and reduced visibility expected in the Eastern Province, Al-Qassim region, and the capital Riyadh and its surroundings.

According to them, high-speed wind and sandstorms will hit the Eastern Province, Qassim and Riyadh, after witnessing hailstorms and heavy rainfall. In addition, these regions will record low temperatures and there is a possibility of flash floods.

The NCM spokesperson, Hussein Al-Qahtani, urged extreme caution and alertness because of the weather variations in these areas. In an X (formerly, Twitter) post, the spokesperson mentioned Eastern Province’s Manifa exceeded 42mm of rainfall within an hour. He further advised everyone to monitor weather fluctuation.

The NCM reported that the city of Riyadh and the governorates of Diriyah, Huraymila, and Durma will see moderate rains and almost no horizontal visibility as a result of this unfavourable meteorological situation. The weather in the Eastern Province and many other regions of the Kingdom is changing, thus the General Directorate of Civil Defence asked people to be cautious and listen to orders. It advised avoiding valleys, low-lying locations, water bodies, and dams.

Schools And Classes Suspended

Due to bad weather, education authorities in several Saudi Arabian regions cancelled in-person lessons on Tuesday and mandated an online curriculum. Classes were suspended in the Eastern Province, Hafr Al-Batin in the northeast of the Kingdom, and Al-Qasim and Unaizah in the centre of Saudi Arabia.

Based on the NCM’s prognosis, a similar precaution was taken for schools in a few governorates in the Riyadh area, including Wadi Al-Dawasir, Afif, Dawadmi, Al-Aflaj, Al-Zulfi, Shaqra, Al-Ghat, and Al-Majma’ah, to guarantee the safety of the staff and pupils.

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The NCM had warned of continued heavy rains in the regions of Jazan, Asir, Al-Baha, the Eastern Province, and parts of Hail and Al-Jouf, expecting the cumulative weekly rains to reach about 25 mm in some areas.

Cover Image Courtesy: @Sareem95/ X (formerly, Twitter)

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