“Heights Of Carelessness & Mismanagement”, Ankit Tiwari Rants About IndiGo Flight & Delayed Luggage

Ankit Tiwari shares the horrible experience he had on his recent IndiGo flight.

by Tooba Shaikh
“Heights Of Carelessness & Mismanagement”, Ankit Tiwari Rants About IndiGo Flight & Delayed Luggage

If you travel regularly on planes, then you may have had certain bad experiences. Maybe your flight got delayed, maybe you couldn’t locate your luggage or maybe you simply had a bumpy ride; there can be any number of reasons for one’s travel to go awry. Recently, the famous singer Ankit Tiwari also had a similar experience when he flew with IndiGo. He took to his social media to vent his frustration.

Ankit Tiwari Rants About His Bad IndiGo Flight

Ankit Tiwari, the famous and talented singer, recently had a terrible flight experience with IndiGo. He was to fly to Kanpur, his hometown with his wife and daughter however, his flight was delayed and he was not informed of it. According to an article recently published by Bollywood Hungama, he had to take another connecting flight.

However, his nightmare did not end there. He was initially supposed to arrive at 1:48 PM, but hours after his initial time of arrival, he was still stranded at the airport with his wife and daughter looking for his luggage. The Bollywood Hungama article goes on to say that his luggage actually arrived at two different conveyor belts or carousels.

He was initially confused and it took him as well as the airport security quite a while to understand what the problem was. Understandably frustrated, he took to his social media and ranted about his horrible experience while tagging the official handle of IndiGo on X (formerly known as Twitter).

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Calls It “Heights Of Carelessness And Mismanagement”

While ranting, he stated this was the “heights of carelessness and mismanagement” that he had seen. He also went on to specify that he had to wait for more than 45 minutes. This is not the first time that IndiGo has been in hot waters. Celebrities like Rana Daggubatti and Niti Taylor have also shared their bad experiences when flying with IndiGo.

Edelweiss CEO also recently shared a bad experience she had with IndiGo on social media in a post that now has been deleted. And not just celebrities, many regular people, too, have had terrible experiences with IndiGo. Last month, an elderly couple were left stranded at the Istanbul Airport when they missed their flight. This happened because despite asking to be notified, they weren’t told when the flight started boarding.

As a result, they missed their flight. The couple needed medical support and were vegetarians so they had to pass that time solely on bread and Coca-Cola.  

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Have you ever had any such similar experiences on a flight before? Do you regularly fly on planes or with IndiGo? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover Image Credits: @ankittiwari/Instagram

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