Here’s All About The First Hotel In The Ancient City Of Hegra That’s Touted To Open In 2023

by Anupriya Mishra
Here’s All About The First Hotel In The Ancient City Of Hegra That’s Touted To Open In 2023

Hegra is an ancient city in Saudi Arabia that’s known to Muslims as Al-Hijr. This archaeological site is situated in the AlUla area and features the remains of the Nabataean Kingdom. However, did you know there is something special happening here? Well, a new hotel is coming up for the first time in this location and we are here to tell you all about it.

The Chedi Hegra Will Be The First Resort In Hegra

The Chedi Hegra will be the first resort to come up within the actual UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra. Built by the Nabataean Kingdom around the first century AD, this ancient site will remain unaffected by all the construction. According to a news report by Al Arabiya, this hotel is being built by the Royal Commission of AlUla along with GHM, a hotel management company. Talking about the hotel itself, it will have 35 opulent rooms and will incorporate several existing structures into it. These include the 18th-century fort and even an old train station from Hijaz Railway, which was abandoned. This means the hotels will be built into several existing structures!

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The Hotel May Open In 2023

Hegra Site
Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

As a result, this new hotel will create jobs for at least 120 people once it is fully operational. Not to mention, the hotel will comprise some of the historical mud-brick construction that is being preserved and incorporated into the modern structure. So, visitors will certainly be offered a luxurious experience amid the historical location. Talking about Hegra, this archaeological site is the first world heritage site in Saudi Arabia. Featuring inscriptions that date to the pre-Nabataean period, and even cave drawings. Moreover, there are 111 monumental terms out of which 94 have been decorated. Moreover, it is expected that this hotel may open in 2023!

So, if you are someone who enjoys reading about dynasties that have walked the face of the earth, you will love to stay at this hotel once it is built.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons