In A Bid To Boost Tourism, Saudi Arabia Joins Hands With Google

by Deeplata Garde
In A Bid To Boost Tourism, Saudi Arabia Joins Hands With Google

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia features one of the most varied and rich landscapes in the Middle East due to its size. But historically, Western tourists haven’t travelled much to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, in more recent times, the viewpoint has changed. Saudi Arabia and Google have teamed up to promote travel more effectively. Details Below!

Major Tourism Video-Based Campaign


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You will be seeing more tourism gigs from the Saudi Kingdom. In an effort to boost tourism in Jeddah, Google has created a brand-new video-based campaign. The campaign involves a partnership with Saudi creators.

The campaign, “Let’s Go with Google,” consists of three road trip experiences throughout the city. Saudi content producers tour the area with the aid of Google in this video-based campaign.

Google has played quite smart and made the video reach greater crowds. The videos have Arabic audio with English subtitles. So language would not act as a barrier to international tourists.

Mosab Al-Maliki and Sultan Al-Badran appeared in the first episode, which aired on April 13. It featured the Islamic Arts Biennale and Hayy Jameel, a city-wide arts complex and creative hub, to emphasise Jeddah’s artistic and cultural side.

There are many more coming up to give you a wider and more expansive view of Saudi tourism. The resources from both parties have informed us about the upcoming video which would be the second one to air on youtube. In the following video, you would get to witness The UNESCO World Heritage Site Al-Balad. It’s going to give you a reflection of the history and heritage that surrounds the region. Also, the news on the third video content broke and we can anticipate seeing Jeddah and the Red Sea and the nature surrounding it.

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Get On The Google Journey Across Saudi Arabia


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Saudi creators have a humongous contribution to this campaign to boost Saudi tourism. As they visit the various locales, Saudi content producers can be seen using a variety of Google tools, including Search, Maps, and Lens. Alongside Al-Badran and Al-Maliki, Yazeed Al-Dereni and Maram Beeko are more creators who will be featured in the campaign.

In accordance with Google’s stats, Jeddah was the second most searched city after the capital of Saudi, Riyadh. It was the second most searched-for location by Saudi citizens in 2022, with global searches for Saudi Arabia as a tourist destination rising by 160 per cent annually.

So let’s wait for the upcoming video to air on all the social media platforms. You can keep an eye out on Google Arabia’s YouTube channel to watch the entire series that would be getting uploaded soon.

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