Here’s How You Can Look Cute This Winter

by Delhi Writer
Here’s How You Can Look Cute This Winter

About Getting The Look:

Yes, we’re reeling under post-Diwali smog and hating every minute of it. But there’s no denying that the air around us has changed. And so, we can’t help but reach out for our old stole or shrug. If the air is so strong already, it’s going to be a harsh winter, they say.

But hey, Delhi winters are magical! You don’t necessarily have to shop every year. So, if you are done with going winter shopping and just need a new way to wear your existing winter clothes, here are some tips to help you.

Here's How You Can Look Cute This Winter
1. To Office

Overcoats make a strong statement during the winters. If you’re looking to create an office look with an overcoat, you can get this striped overcoat and wear it with a warm, V-neck T-shirt or shirt inside, preferably in a pop colour. Pair it with black jeans and it will be classy, subtle and just right at work. 

In Office

Right from brands like Mango, Forever 21 to Sarojini Nagar, you will find sweaters, jackets, and overcoats of all sizes, colours and across all price ranges.

2. On a Coffee Date

Pick your bright coloured or printed sweater and wear a plain white shirt under it. Let the collar stick out on to the sweater’s round neck. Or do it vice versa, wear a plain white sweater and a bright coloured shirt and let your collar stand out. A good mix of block colours and prints paired with a pair of jeans and a beret will be the cutest look and what’s better for that coffee date!

At a Coffee Date

3. At the Movies

To have that stylish printed piece of fabric around your neck not only adds to the style quotient but is truly a Swiss Army knife in winters. I’ve figured a way out, and I’ll tell you how. If you have a blingy shawl, you can wear it with a black gown or dress when you’re going out partying. A full-sleeve, knee-length dress with a V-neck, preferably monochrome, can go well with a nice, printed scarf. It will keep you warm, especially if you’re going out in the evening.

At the Movies

A plain black muffler can go well with a mauve sweater on black jeans. Also, if you have striped overcoat or jacket like the one I  mentioned above, a matching, skinny scarf with that would be perfect.

4. At a Brunch

H&M’s fall collection this year is bringing retro style denim back, so if you have that jacket tucked in somewhere inside your closet, time to bring it out. Denim jeans, a white shirt, and a denim jacket is a cool look for this season, especially for brunch.

At a Brunch

How To Flaunt ‘Em?

a. Flaunting Your LBDs

Upgrade your LBDs with a turtleneck sweater. Say if you’re wearing a military green dress, pair it with a black turtleneck sweater and big loops in your ears. Super hot, really. You can always add a pretty stole here, by the way.

Flaunting Your LBD

If you’re not a turtleneck person, here’s your next best bet- a puffer jacket. Trust me, I’ve also spent time staring at them, wondering what I could possibly wear to look good in one. A metallic puffer jacket with an LBD would be perfect for an evening out. Sport a dark one with a pastel coloured dress.

b. Boots

Boots are the quickest way to beat the winter cold AND very stylish too! Wearing them with your denims? Roll up your jeans just above them boots or slip it inside and you’re all set to slay!

Sarojini Nagar has quite a good haul of footwear throughout the year, but the charm of shoe shopping here during winters is different. Right from quirky shoes with South Park and other fun designs to blingy and even metallic colours, the market has economically priced shoes to wear with nice socks so that the chill doesn’t get to your feet.

Also, you will be able to buy ankle length and knee length boots here, in a decent price range, that will last you two seasons at least. The trendy ones, in my opinion, are the tan boots. They look good with everything!

Shoes & Boots

Forever 21 has some nice ankle length boots, in beige as well. Check that out too. Check out Koovs, Aldo and Clarks as well.

c. Socks

Let’s not forget how important warm socks are. Cold feet is where all the problems began, quite literally. You will find nice, warm socks for Rs.100 a pair in Sarojini Nagar market.

Comfy Socks


Lastly, Your Winter Fashion Cheat Sheet to Beat The Chill:

  1. Invest in a beret or two when you go to Sarojini (Only Rs 100 for a pair and super cute!)
  2. If you catch cold easily, it’s advisable to invest in a pair of gloves as well
  3. If you travel late at night or early in the morning, go for ear muffs! (Available in quirky colours and designs at Janpath and Sarojini.)

Have a magical, trendy time this winter!