Here’s How To Claim Your International Air Ticket Refund If It Got Cancelled

by Sushmita Mahanta
Here’s How To Claim Your International Air Ticket Refund If It Got Cancelled

When travelers find themselves with canceled flight tickets, it becomes a hustle to get refunds. We often see people frustrated and waiting for their international air ticket refunds. And it’s a common occurrence for them to be unable to get through to the airlines. So are you one of those who owe a refund on an international air ticket? Here’s how you can get through the refund process.

File A Complaint In The Transportation Department

There’s another way to get you through the huge backlog. If you want to speed up your international air ticket refund, first try emailing the airline’s customer service with your reservation number and mention how you are thinking about filing a complaint in the Department of Transportation. This might get your refund request to move to the top. But once your emails aren’t working, actually go ahead and file a complaint. International airlines need to work with the Department of Transportation to conduct business in the States, so there is a high chance of you getting a response and even your refund within 60 days of your complaint.

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Your Request Will Be In A Long Line Of Refunds

Travelers often feel helpless if the airline they owe a refund is international. It’s nothing to worry about, but you need to have patience. Your money will be refunded, but the airline might offer no timeline on when you might receive it. The reason your international air ticket refund might take time is the huge backlog of customer refund requests. More than a million refund requests are being processed every day, so have a little patience.

Are You Dealing With A European Airline?

If your international air ticket refund is taking place on a European airline, you can file a complaint with the European Commission. Not to mention that their consumer protection rights are more strong than the United States. So if you aren’t getting a refund anytime soon, do not hesitate to file a complaint.

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Try Emailing The Senior Management

Once you are done with filing complaints, there’s also one more thing you must do. Search up the email addresses of the senior management of the airline you are dealing with. Instead of the normal customer service, emailing a senior executive might get you your international air ticket refund sooner.

Try To Buy A Refundable Ticket

This is the best thing you can do while booking your international air ticket. Refundable plane tickets ensure safety and you can be stress-free even during a cancellation. They are a bit expensive in comparison to non-refundable fares. But it’s worth it if you can escape the chaos of finding ways for your refund.



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