Here’s How To Make Delicious Japanese Rice Cakes At Home

by Shreya Rathod
Here’s How To Make Delicious Japanese Rice Cakes At Home

The Japanese rice cake, also known as Mochi, is a gelatinous mixture of water, sugar, cornstarch and japonica glutinous rice. A Japanese New Year delicacy, Mochi is made in a ceremony called Mochitsuki. Are you also intrigued by it? We have sorted five recipes for you to make these Japanese rice cakes at home

5 Recipes To Make Japanese Rice Cakes

1. How To Make Mochi At Home By Tasty

This recipe by Tasty will give you an option of different flavours that you can use. They have elaborated on mochi and how to make it using matcha, strawberry and red bean paste. Tune in to the video for three easy recipes for this delicious treat.

2. Sweet Mochi Recipe By Japanese Cooking 101

Japanese Cooking 101 has a recipe for sweet mochi which you can try. You will need minimum ingredients to make this delicious treat. Furthermore, they have other mochi recipes that you can try. So, grab your cooking tools and use your cooking skills on this recipe.

3. 3-Ingredient Mochi

What can you make with three ingredients? Well, this recipe shows you an easy recipe of mochi with just glutinous rice flour, granulated sugar and water. If you don’t have enough time, then this is quite a simple recipe to make.

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4. Taro Milk Mochi By Yeercorner

This mochi recipe gives you a detailed recipe for how to make it. There are English subtitles for every ingredient that will help you identify them. Also, the description box has a written recipe that you can refer to.

5. Black Sesame Mochi By Munchies With M

This delicious recipe of black sesame mochi will blow your mind. With the addition of black sesame, this is a perfect dish for you to try. Give your cooking skills something new to try.

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These are five recipes for the famous Japanese rice cake that you need to try. Do make it and comment below if you like our suggestions.

Credits: Flickr & Wikimedia